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May 03, 2015
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Saudi Islamist Preacher: The Jews Poison the Muslims' Hearts and Minds with WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook

#4898 | 04:02
Source: Online Platforms

In an address posted on the Internet on May 3, Saudi Islamist preacher Abdulla Ba Neema (sometimes spelled Baneameh) said that the Jews "put poison into things that the Muslims like." According to him, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook are tools used by the Jews to poison and hearts and minds of the Muslims. "Our women's honor has been violated as a result of social networks," he said, adding that WhatsApp "is the sewage that flows in your heart." Despite his criticism of social networks, Ba Neema runs very active Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Ba Neema was paralyzed in a swimming pool accident.

Following are excerpts:

Abdullah Be Neema: [My teacher] would say to me: "The Jews conspire while we are in a slumber, and they say that they will not rest until they can pray in Khaybar." I would say to him: "They don't stand a chance – where would the Saudi regime go? Where would the Muslims go? How could they possibly pray in Khaybar?" But he would insist: "They conspire while we are in a slumber." He said things that are pure gold: "May Allah fight the Jews and the Christians and turn their plots against them. They said that they would not rest until celebrations with music and songs were held in the mosque of the Prophet Muhammad in Al-Medina."

I would tell him that this is beyond their capabilities, and that they would never succeed. All this was when I was still in third grade. When I was in sixth grade, and later in high school, I used to think from time to time about what my teacher had said.

Days and years have gone by, and today, I study at [Al-Medina's] Institute of the Prophet's Mosque. One day, I went there to study two hours before the dawn prayer, and one minute before the first call for prayer, a song was played from a cell phone in the mosque. I began to cry. I said to myself: The Jews have accomplished their goal. They managed to get these song celebrations into the Prophet's mosque, using me, you, and [all] the Muslims. That was their plan. The Jews are always looking for things that the Muslims love. Is it because they want to take them away from the [Muslims]? No. They want to put poison into things that the Muslims like.


At one point, the Jews decided to use TV – that false idol – as a tool [in their schemes]. That is how [TV characters] like Mohanad and Lamis entered our homes. Men divorced their wives because of this show, and children were named Mohanad or Lamis because of this show. But people do not stay home 24/7. They go to work, play football, and so on.

If something preoccupies you all the time, it keeps you from praying to Allah, so that even at the mosque, when you are listening to the sheik, you will fiddle with your cell phone. That is what we like, so they poisoned it: WhatsApp is Jewish, Twitter is Jewish, Facebook is Jewish, Instagram is Jewish, and Snapshot is Jewish. All the social networks are Jewish. All our information is in their hands.

This poison… They did not put poison into my belly or yours. Instead, they have poisoned my heart and yours, my mind and yours. As a result of WhatsApp and Twitter, women's honor has been violated, men have divorced women, and men and women have committed adultery.


My dearly beloved, our hearts and minds have been poisoned. Our women's honor has been violated as a result of social networks. Cut down on it. When was the last time you read to Quran from cover to cover? When?! You are too ashamed to answer. But when did you last read your messages on WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook? When was the last time you switched off your PlagueStation? WhatsApp is really wayt ["sewage tanker"] saab ["flow"] – it is the sewage that flows in your heart. All of this is a catastrophe.


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