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Mar 25, 2016
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Saudi Islamic Scholar Sheikh Aseem Al-Hakeem: The Purpose Of Jihad Is To Spread Islam, Shari'a Law To Other Countries; Muslims Are Weak Now, But Will Grow Stronger In 50 Years (Archival)

#9629 | 03:43
Source: The Internet - "TheYayasanTaalim account on YouTube"

Saudi Islamic scholar Sheikh Aseem Al-Hakeem said in a March 25, 2016 Q&A session at the Islamic Learning Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that jihad serves to spread Islam and shari'a law to other countries. He said that non-Muslims who refuse to accept Islam when called to it must pay the jizya poll tax and be ruled by shari'a law, and that if they refuse to do so then the Muslims must fight them, enslave them, and take their lands. Sheikh Al-Hakeem elaborated that this is not possible today because the Muslims are weak, but that in 40 or 50 years the Muslims may be more "Islamically oriented" and capable of waging Jihad. In addition, Sheikh Al-Hakeem said that ISIS is not an Islamic movement and that its attacks are planned by people who want to control the Muslims. The Q&A session was uploaded to the TheYayasanTaalim account on YouTube.

Sheikh Aseem Al-Hakeem: "ISIS is not the right word. What does ISIS stand for? Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. So, when you say that the media says: 'Islamic State is responsible for bombing... Islamic State is responsible for killing, and for burning prisoners, and for capturing women and selling them as slaves etc.' This is wrong. You are emphasizing their lies that Islamic State does this. It should be called 'NISIS' – 'Non-Islamic State.' So, whenever they say: 'NISIS blew up an airport.' Yes, 'Non-Islamic State.' They are not related to Islam.


"Our problem nowadays [is] that all of these radical movements and terrorist attacks are planned by them. So that they can have justification to control the Muslims.


"You, Americans, killed millions of people – in Nagasaki, in Hiroshima – with two atomic bombs. 'NISIS', if they work from today until maybe 15-20 years from now, they will not be able to kill as much. Who is the terrorist? World War I, World War II, more than 10 million — 10 million! — died. Who is the terrorist?


"The jihad is only for dawah [preaching]. That is why when Muslims go and conquer the adjacent country, what do we do? We kill them all? No. The Prophet says: 'The first thing you do, is call them to Islam.' If they accept it, leave them. Done, they're Muslims, we go. We don't want your country, we don't want your land, we don't want your wealth. If they refuse, then tell them: 'Allah obliged upon you to pay taxation, jizya,'


"In return when an enemy comes and attacks your country, you don’t fight, we Muslims protect you. Subhan Allah, for this little money? Yes. And you enjoy sitting in your homes and in your country and live your life normally, but the ruling is for shari'a. So, you do not open nightclubs, you do not fornicate in the streets, you do not... No, shari'a rules, but you live your life, you marry, you have children, you enjoy your life, but publicly Islam rules.

"If they refuse, then we have to fight. And if we fight you, then we capture you, you become our slaves, and we take your land... Because you refuse, I give you two good options. This is the strength of Islam. But, nowadays forget it, maybe in the coming 40-50 years, when the Muslims become strong, as they are supposed to be, and they are focused and Islamically oriented. Now we are not Islamically oriented. We are money oriented. We want to live comfortably, have a good car, have a good house, have a good salary, and let everybody else die, I don't care."

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