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Apr 07, 2023
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Saudi Islamic Scholar Saleh Al-Moghamsy: A New School Of Islamic Jurisprudence Must Be Established – I Hope To Be The One Who Does This; There Are Many Exaggerations In The Hadith That Must Be Reevaluated

#10280 | 01:46
Source: Channel 1 (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Islamic scholar Saleh Al-Moghamsy said in an April 7, 2023 show on Channel 1 (Saudi Arabia) that Islamic jurisprudence must be reexamined and a new school of Islamic jurisprudence should be established. He said that he hoped Allah Would let him be the one to do this.  Sheikh Al-Moghamsy added that there have been many "exaggerations" throughout the history of Islamic law and that Islamic scholars must "reevaluate the issues." In addition, he said that hadith scholarship should not only include study of the authenticity of hadiths, but also whether the text itself is "correct."

Saleh Al-Moghamsy: "What I plead to Allah to accomplish – and may my fellow Islamic scholars forgive me – is to establish a new school of Islamic jurisprudence through me. That is what I wish from Allah and strive to achieve.


"It is imperative and unavoidable to reexamine the [jurisprudence] of the past. It is unavoidable. A new school of Islamic jurisprudence must be established, whether by a group of people or by an individual, and I pray to Allah to be that individual. I know that in reaction to this, you will hear almost unbelievable things, and even people, whose dream this was, will turn their backs to their dreams and to me, but I am over 60, and if I could not even say the things that I wish from Allah, this would be the epitome of weakness on my part.

"If the question is whether there is a need for that, the answer is 1000 times 'yes.' At every phase during the construction of the Islamic nation's jurisprudence, something was exaggerated. Today, we must determine what was exaggerated. We must reevaluate the issues. The chain of [hadith] transmission was exaggerated, which led to the inclusion of hadiths which are difficult to attribute to the Prophet Muhammad. It is very difficult even if the scholars of hadith argued that the chain of transmission was authentic. This should not be enough. The text of the hadith itself must be correct."

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