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Oct 26, 2004
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Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayef ibn Abd Al-Aziz on Terrorism in Saudi Arabia

#308 | 02:36
Source: Channel 1 (Saudi Arabia)

The following is an excerpt from an address by Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayef ibn Abd Al-Aziz to members of the Saudi security forces:

Nayef ibn 'Abd Al-'Aziz: There is no doubt that we are proud of having martyrs and casualties. It is first and foremost for the sake of Allah and only then for the defense of the homeland against the wicked, even from among us. It is indeed unfortunate and painful to find among the sons of our homeland those who operate against their religion and homeland. They claim to do this in the name of Islam, but in fact, it has nothing to do with Islam. These are people who have caused the greatest damage to Islam because they collaborate with [parties] abroad. Perhaps some of them are not aware of this, but others are. The most evil among them - I mean the ones who carry out [the attacks] - are those who encourage them or issue illegitimate fatwasA…

We, the people of this country, and especially the security personnel, declare that our weapons are not machine-guns or bombs. Our weapons are our hearts, which fear none but Allah, and they push us to sacrifice our bodies and our lives for our religion and homeland. Courage lies within, not in a gun or in someone who hides behind a wall, who throws a bomb or blows up a car in order to kill Muslims and civiliansA…

I swear that all the security personnel that I have visited were injured in their faces or chests. I didn't see a single member of the security forces who was injured in his back. We will defend our religion and homeland. Whoever dies A– dies, and whoever lives A– lives. Whoever dies will be a martyr and whoever lives will be happy.

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