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Dec 17, 2015
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Saudi Imam Abdullah Al-Suwailem: Women Should Stay at Home, Living under Wing of Husband or Son

#5223 | 03:59

During an Islamic-theme reality show on the Saudi Bedaya TV channel, Abdullah Al-Suwailem said that women should not go out to work. "Why does a woman need money?" he asked. "A woman's real life is to live under the wing of her husband and her son." Al-Suwailem went on to say: "It's enough for her to know how to read and write, and she can serve her husband." The program was posted on the Internet on December 17.

Following are excerpts:

Abdullah Al-Suwailem: Why does a woman need money? Let's say a woman earns 200,000 or 300,000. Then what? Where would she go if she has no husband and no son? A woman's real life is to live under the wing of her husband and her son. This is the real life of the woman. Check out the situation in the West, in the superpowers. The women there lament their lives and what's in store for them.


We have been "killing" women in the most despicable ways. A woman goes to work 400-600 km away from home. She leaves before dawn and doesn't return before 10 at night. Why?! Who forces her to work?! Women study, but don't work. They study and that's it. They graduate from high school or junior high, and that's it. End of story. It's enough for her to know how to read and write, and she can serve her husband. The husband should give her 400 riyals a month, and that's it. End of story. What good would 3,500-5,000 riyals a month do to a woman? Then what?

Women were created to worship God and to fulfill their marital duties. A woman should be confined to her home. Allah said: "And stay quietly in your homes." He is the Creator! A woman must not step out of her home unless it is necessary. We have been sacrificing our daughters and our wives…

I don't often go to shopping centers, but I see them at the airport, in hospitals, and so on. By God, it's disturbing. I get a lot of disturbing complaints. They are extremely disturbing.


Brothers, we must not delude ourselves. The commandments of our religion are in keeping with our nature. Women in the West are being destroyed. Some women haven't given birth yet at 47, but are chasing material things. They ride the train, or the bus…


Let the woman stay at home and relax. All the money women get is spent on cosmetics and servant girls. She earns it in a bad way and spends it in an even worse way.


I remember that after the municipal elections, an American came to my home to interview me. We talked about women's rights. He said that we oppress women. I asked him: Who does? We or you? He said that we did. I asked him how old he was. He said he was 51. I told him that we were of the same age. That was 5-6 years ago. I asked him how many children he had, and he said that his wife was pregnant. I said to him: You have wasted 30 years of your life. You denied your wife sex and children. My son is already married, and so are my daughters. I said to him: You are 47 or 48 [sic], and you still haven't smelt a baby? I said to him: You people lead the lives of beasts. You don't have fingers. You have claws. That's why I can't blame you for killing 1.5 million Iraqi children, by means of siege and starvation. The reason is that you have never smelt a baby.


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