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Jun 05, 2018
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First Saudi Women Obtain Their Driver's License - Saudi Government Broadcast

#6607 | 02:22
Source: The Internet

A video showing the first Saudi women to receive their driver's license was posted on YouTube by the Saudi Center for Government Communication on June 5, a few weeks before the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia was due to be lifted. The video shows several women driving and holding up their new licenses to the camera and interviews, in which they call it the "ultimate happiness" and praise the Traffic Department for its attitude and efficiency.

On screen: "Some of the first women to obtain driver's licenses. General Department of Traffic. Ramadhan 19, 1439. May [sic] 4, 2018."

Woman 1: "By Allah, I cannot describe how I feel. This is the ultimate happiness. Honestly, I cannot describe how I feel."

Woman 2: "Driving is one of the means that enable women to fulfill their personal needs."

Woman 3: "I am very happy with how the people of the Traffic Department welcomed us, how they directed us, and the way the licenses were processed."

On screen: "To the driving test area. Driver's test car."

Woman 4: "The first thing I will do is drive my children to school, Allah willing."

Woman 2: "I am going to drive my parents."

Woman 1: "Women should concentrate on the surroundings, the car, and the road."

Woman 2: "One must understand the rules, abide by them, and acquire some experience."

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