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Jul 07, 2005
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Saudi Deputy Minister of Religious Endowment: According to Our Definition, Any Act or Thought that Contradicts the Koran and Sunna Is Terrorism

#750 | 01:50
Source: Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia)

The following are excerpts from an interview with the Saudi deputy minister of religious endowments, Abd Al-Rahman Al-Matroudi, which aired on Iqra TV on July 7, 2005

Host: Many countries insist on keeping the term "terrorism" vague and lacking exact definition. Does this not imply that they want to control this term according to their interests and goals? Anyone opposed to these goals is accused of terrorism, even if he is an innocent lamb that cannot defend itself, let alone terrorize others or hurt them. Why? Why do they insist on accusing Muslims of terrorism, while they are the leading peace supporters in the world?

Al-Matroudi: There is an American definition of "terrorism", which differs from the definition used by the U.N. There are different definitions in the world. The definition of terrorism that concerns us is that it is any act or statement that contradicts the Koran or Sunna, whether in thought or action. If it is a thought, then it is the first step toward action, and thus, it is also terrorism, since it goes against the nature with which Man was created.

If you are strong enough to defend yourself, you must do so...

Host: and impose your culture...

Al-Matroudi: Yes, and impose you culture.

Host: Great.

Al-Matroudi: And if you have no such strength, you should do whatever you can to get what you want in peaceful and diplomatic ways.

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