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Nov 21, 2009
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Saudi Cleric Sultan Al-Dugheilbi on the Religious Zeal of Drunk Muslims in the West and the Collapse of Western Families

#2004 | 07:38
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Following are excerpts from a sermon by Saudi cleric Sultan Al-Dugheilbi which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on November 21, 2008

Sultan Al-Dugheilbi: The only reason that Denmark and other countries affronted the Prophet Muhammad is our languidness, our weakness, and the fact that we have strayed from the guidance of the Prophet. What is this Denmark anyway? They have more cows than people. What made them affront the Prophet? The fact that they deem us weak and contemptible.


Today, you see Muslims mocking the Sunna of the Prophet, so we shouldn't be surprised that infidels treat it with insolence. We do not adhere to the religion. Today, when you see a young Muslim, you ask him: What's your name? He answers: "Muhammad," or "Abd Al-Rahman," or "Mu'az." But, by Allah, by the looks of him, he doesn't look like a Muhammad, a Mu'az, or an Abd Al-Rahman. He looks like a "John." One preacher, who lives abroad, told me that when he was in Europe, he saw two guys and suspected that they had Arab blood in their veins, although they were wearing jewelry, nose rings, and crosses, and were going in and our of a church. He said: "I wasn't sure, so I went near them to hear what they were talking." They saw him coming, and began talking in English: "Yes, no, okay." He said to himself: "No, these must be Westerners." But then he saw that one of them had a burn mark under his ear, and the other one had a burn mark on the back of his neck. He said to himself: "Westerners do not make burn marks on their children. Only back home we do that. Everybody knows that." So he called out: "Abu Ahmad! Come over, you son-of-a... By Allah, what's this you are wearing?! Shame on you. What's with the cross?"

Member of the audience: Brothers, have you never heard of the practice of burn marks? Westerners do not make such burn marks.

Sultan Al-Dugheilbi: May Allah reward you. Thank you.


No matter how far our boys and girls stray from Islam, they will not let anyone curse Allah or the Prophet. Some guys went overseas. They began drinking alcohol. One of them met a neighbor, and invited him over to have a drink with them. The guy joined them, and they began drinking and drinking. Then the host left to get them all something to eat.

Member of the audience: Were they all Muslims?

Al-Dugheilbi: Yes, from Arab countries. When he returned, he saw the table overturned, the bottles all broken, and some of the guys were gone. He asked one of them what happened. The guys said: "Ask someone else, I don't want to talk about it."

He asked someone else, who said: "Don't be mad at us."

The host asked: "But what happened? Where's my neighbor?"

The guy said: "Don't be mad at us. Your neighbor can't hold his liquor. He had a couple of drinks, and lost it."

"What happened?"

Don't be mad, but we kicked him out."

When he asked why, they said: "After a couple of drinks, he began cursing Allah and the Prophet Muhammad."


"He cursed Allah and the Prophet."

He asked: "So what did you do to him?"

He said: "One of the guys took the liberty of asking him to leave."

This drunkard threw the food on the floor, and said: "What?!"

"He asked him to leave."

"And that was it? He left?"

The guy said: "Yes."

So the host took a long knife and hid it behind his back. Even though he was drunk, he wanted to verify the matter. He knocked on the door, and the neighbor opened it. He asked him: "Did you curse Allah and the Prophet at my place?"

The neighbor said: "Yes, I did."

"You dare to say yes?"

"I do, and I curse you along with them."

The guy said: "Take that!" and stabbed him.


We get new fashions every day. Strange things. First, we had the "lion" haircut. When it died out, we had the "Versace" haircut, and then the "crab." These died out, and then a Brazilian soccer player shaved his head, and our youth did the same. This is emulation! When they ran out of fashions, they let their hair grow out. An afro.

I'm sad to say that there is a new fashion now – our young men wear their jeans without a belt. Sagging pants. Who wears sagging-style pants? The guy walks down the street or in the market with pants but no belt, and the pants go down, down, down, and he walks around like that, with his "license plate" exposed. He walks around like that, as if there is no problem. Allah be praised. May Allah cover our private parts. Dear brothers, who follows this bad habit? The homosexuals in Italy. In addition, Ibn Kathir said that the people of Sodom used to loosen their clothing.


Today, in America, there is a rise in the number of foundlings – they call them "street children," but we call them foundlings. These children are bastards. When the number of street children in America increased, the U.S. Congress convened in order to seek a solution. They summoned intellectuals and inventors and said to them: "Find us a solution. We're losing millions over these street children." After three days of brainstorming, one of them said: "I've got it. We should isolate the boys from the girls." They all clapped their hands: "What an invention! Brother, how did you come up with this idea?!" By Allah does this require three days of brainstorming? These teachers and inventors belong to the elite of society, and this is the solution they came up with?!


The capitalists, who have recently suffered losses, have found a solution. Do you know what it is? "We must establish Islamic banks." You idiots, that's nothing new. The people who demand women's liberation and women's rights... Women's rights are not guaranteed anywhere like they are in Islam.


In the West, when a girl reaches the age of 18, her father opens the door and gives her the boot: "Out, you daughter-of-a... I don't want to see you ever again. From now on, I don't know you." This 18-year-old girl sleeps in motels and bars, in the streets, and in bachelor pads. A few years later, her father bumps into her on the street, and he is surprised because she has two children in tow, she is pregnant, and by her side, there is a man the size of an elephant. Her father asks: "Who are these children?" When she tells him these are her children, he's happy, but he asks: "And who is this?" What does she answer? "My friend." Allah help me.

Member of the audience: He doesn't say: "Allah help me." He says: "Oh, very good."