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Mar 09, 2006
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Saudi Cleric Sa'd Al-Breik Complains: Whoever Says Anything Good about Hitler is Accused of Anti-Semitism

#1110 | 02:02
Source: Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Saudi Cleric Dr. Sa'd Al-Breik which was aired on Iqra TV on March 9, 2006:

Saudi Cleric Dr. Sa'd Al-Breik: Regarding the call for freedom of opinion - where is this freedom when it comes to the Holocaust? Where is this freedom when it comes to criminalizing whoever speaks about Semitism? Where is this freedom when whoever refers to the leaders of Israel, throughout history and to our own times - whether through, a cartoon portraying the Nazism in their personalities, or to the bloodthirsty nature of their actions, or to their being war criminals - this is considered a bloodthirsty anti-Semitic provocation.

The truth is that if freedom really is an open door, why was the Moroccan or Algerian girl prevented from wearing her veil in a French school? Freedom was broad enough to curse the Prophet Muhammad, but it was too narrow to allow a piece of cloth covering a child's hair. Freedom was broad enough to curse the Prophet Muhammad, but when British MP Jenny Tonge symphonized with the martyrdom-seeking operations in Palestine, the Liberal Democratic Party denounced and punished her. Freedom was broad enough to curse the prophets and messengers of Allah, but when Roger Garaudy wrote his book about the myths of Israel, in which he cast doubt upon the Holocaust - this was considered anti-Semitism. Freedom does not extend to anyone who mentions one good thing about Hitler. He is immediately accused of racism. The Chairman of the Egyptian Journalists Union Ibrahim Naf'e was accused in a French court of being anti-Semitic, when he wrote an article titled "Jewish Matza from Arab Blood."

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