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Jun 18, 2015
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Saudi Cleric Pronounces Comedian an "Infidel" following TV Episode Lampooning Artists who Turn to Religion

#4968 | 04:20
Source: MBC TV (Saudi Arabia)

With his recent Ramadhan TV show "Selfie," Saudi comedian Nasser Al-Qasabi incurred the wrath of cleric Saeed bin Farwah, who pronounced him an infidel and prayed "that Allah leave no bone unbroken in the body of that piece of filth." The show, which aired on the Saudi MBC TV channel on June 18, lampooned artists who turned to religion, renouncing their former lives of "corruption and immorality." The following day, Saeed bin Farwah delivered a sermon, posted on the Internet, in which he called Al-Qasabi an "unbeliever," a "filthy infidel," and a "pimp." The cleric later tweeted an apology, writing that accusing individuals of heresy was the prerogative of the ruler and that therefore "I was wrong in accusing Nasser Al-Qasabi, may Allah blind him, of heresy."

Following are excerpts from the show and the sermon:

Footage from the show

"Danfesah –by Tawfiq Abdallah, with the golden voice"

"#1 artist of the Gulf, Tawfiq Abdallah"

"The 'bomb' of the season – Danfesah, by world renowned artist Tawfiq Abdallah"

"The star of stars, singer and artist Tawfiq Abdallah"


Tawfiq Abdallah, "recanting" his show business life, as part of his show: In the name of Allah. Allah be praised. I do not want to bore you with a long introductory speech. I ask you to bear witness to this story, so that you may learn a lesson. We have brother Tawfiq Abdallah with us. He will talk to us about his experience. Go ahead, brother Tawfiq.

Assalaam Alaykum, brothers.

Audience: Alaykum Assalaam.

Tawfiq Abdallah: I am your brother, Tawfiq Abdallah, former singer. I praise Allah, brothers, I was living in unawareness, but Allah has bestowed guidance upon me. Brothers, I was lost among the moguls of art and owners of TV stations. My brothers, even mountains could not bear all the corruption and immorality I have seen! May you bear witness to my repentance. I pledge to divorce myself from this piece of rot, from this oud, which I bought at great cost. I shall smash it now, before your very eyes.

As he smashes his oud:

Allah Akbar!

Crowd: Allah Akbar!

Tawfiq Abdallah: Say: "Allah Akbar!"

Crowd: Allah Akbar!

Tawfiq Abdallah: Say: "Allah Akbar!"

Crowd: Allah Akbar!


Audio of Saudi cleric Saeed bin Farwah in a sermon, posted online on June 19, 2015: [These people] eat their iftar meals, watching TV shows prohibited by Allah. They watch wanton men and women, the scum of this nation, who mock Islam.


That unbeliever [Al-Qasabi], that filthy infidel, appeared yesterday in a filthy show, on an insolent TV channel, the channel of heresy and atheism.


That filthy insolent [man] appeared in a gown reaching just below his knees, and began mocking people who repent. Then he broke that oud. I pray that Allah leave no bone unbroken in the body of that piece of filth.


We are not surprised by that pimp, who parades his wife [TV host Badria Al-Bishr], with her face uncovered, on TV and on the cover of journals.


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