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Dec 11, 2009
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Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Arifi Vilifies Shiites, Calling Iraqi Ayatollah Sistani "an Infidel"

#2336 | 04:56
Source: The Internet

The following are excerpts from a Friday sermon delivered in the Al-Bawardi Mosque in Riyadh by Saudi cleric Muhammad Al-Arifi. The sermon was posted on the Internet on December 11, 2009.

Muhammad Al-Arifi: Those Shiites would glorify the imams and elevate them above the level of humanity. Today, oh monotheists, the evil Shiites continue to set traps for monotheism and the Sunna. They try to spread their false doctrine to the ignorant among the Sunnis. Let us not forget what the Shiites have done throughout history. In the year of 656, they helped the Mongol and Tatar [invaders]. They killed the Sunnis and collaborated with Hulagu Khan. This was done by Ibn Al-‘Alqami and his Shiite supporters. We shall not forget their treachery throughout history – in Muslim countries in general, and in Mecca and Al-Madina in particular – or their attempts to ensnare the Country of the Two Holy Mosques [Saudi Arabia].


If not for the vigilance of the [Saudi] security agencies, you would have seen them carry out miraculous [attacks]. They collaborate with Iran and other countries and try to smuggle weapons. Some of them have begun to amass weapons and to stash them in graves. They carry weapons like they carry their dead. They amass sub-machine guns and other weapons and stash them in graves.


It is no secret to any of us what happens to our Sunni brothers, whether in Iraq or in Iran, as a result of the domination of those corrupt Shiites. The highest Sunni authority in Iraq, Sheik Hareth Al-Dhari, said in an old report that in just three years – between 2003 and 2006 – more than 100,000 Sunnis were killed by Shiites. They would kill them because of their [Sunni] identity. If your name was Omar or ‘Aisha – they would kill you on the spot.

I have read unimaginably painful reports on how they would kill these Muslims. They would use the most severe torture methods against them. They would kidnap a child, boil him in water, skin him like a sheep, and then, they would bring him on a platter, wrapped in cloth, and when his family uncovered the platter, they would find this 7 – or 10-year old boy.


Tehran is the only capital in the world that has no Sunni mosque. All they have are places of worship for those ignoble descendants of the Majus.


Today, the Shiites still try to take control of the Country of the Two Holy Mosques – from the north coming from Iraq and Iran, or from the east, by trying to dominate some Gulf states, and to generate political instability there, as they have done time and again in Bahrain and elsewhere... They are also trying to take control coming from the south, by supporting the Houthi Shiites.


Those Houthis are so adamant about their Shiite belief, that during their exchange with the Yemeni government, they insisted that the problem would be resolved by Ayatollah Al-Sistani. They didn’t say that the problem should be resolved, for example, by the Saudi Association of Great Scholars, the Islamic Fatwa Committee of Al-Azhar, the Imam of the Haram Mosque in Mecca, a group of imams from the two holy mosques... They did not look for people who would unite the Muslims, by virtue of their status as sheiks, preachers, and scholars. They selected a sheik who is a great sinner and infidel from a remote corner of Iraq, and said: We want this man to be the arbitrator between us.


Protecting the Country of the Two Holy Mosques is tantamount to protecting all countries of monotheism and the Sunna, protecting the direction of prayer of the Muslims, protecting the pilgrims, protecting the call to monotheism. When you travel across Saudi Arabia, you do not see a single cross, you do not hear any Christian calls for prayer, you do not see any statue in public view, and you do not see mausoleums on graves. Whenever a mausoleum is being erected, the security forces destroy it before the religious authorities get the chance. You do not encounter any sign of polytheism in these graves.

On the other hand, when you travel to various Muslim countries, you see churches, you may see crosses, and you may even encounter uncovered women. The animosity of those Shiites toward this country should not come as a surprise.

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