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Jun 20, 2004
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Saudi Cleric, Dr. Muhammad Bin Suleiman Al-Mani'i, Forbids Killing Jews and Christians on Saudi TV

#116 | 02:06
Source: Channel 1 (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Cleric, Dr. Muhammad Bin Suleiman Al-Mani'i, hosted a talk show on Channel 1 of Saudi TV and spoke out against killing Jews and Christians. Following are excerpts from his comments, aired on June 20, 2004:

Islamic law in general prohibits any Muslim from raising a weapon against any lover of peace A– dhimmi ("protected person), Jewish or Christian, a merchant, or anyone who enters (the country) on a work contract. Islamic law permits raising a weapon only against whomever aims a weapon at the Muslim in order to fight him.

As for those belonging to Dar Al-Harb and others, be they Jews, Christians, People of the Book, Zoroastrian, or of another religion, as long as he does not raise a weapon, be he a child, a woman, old or young, a monk or one who is not a monk A– no weapon must be raised against him, according to Islamic religious law. This is the law of Allah.

Therefore, the Islamic state, the Umayyid and the Abassid rule, for 700 years when around them were Jews and ChristiansA… Moreover, the Jewish, Christian, and Zoroastrian subjects had their autonomous rule under Islam, and at the same time these Muslim states, and the caliphs, preserved their rights, treated them well, maintained neighborly relations and dealt with them honestly and in good faith, treated their sick, granted them their rights, and called them to convert to Islam. Therefore, the Jewish, Christian, and other subjects converted to Islam.

Why? Because of the morality and the preaching of the Muslims. Therefore, in the books of biography and history, there is no mention of any case of a Muslim betraying and killing a Jew or a Christian or harming his property or family. Anyone who did this, if such a thing happened, was brought to justice. Moreover, one of the caliphs was tried for harming a Jew. This is what caused them to convert to Islam, as individuals or en masse.

This is the law of Allah, this is His Da'wa, and these are His rulings and intentions.

I wonder: Do they have a god that is not our God, or do they have a religion that is not our religion, or do they have a prophet who is not our Prophet? If this is the case, then they are excused, and if this is not so, we seek refuge with Allah from evil inclinations (and) from deviations, and from being attracted to things morally dubious and acting upon our lusts.

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