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May 05, 2005
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Saudi Cleric Awadh Al-Qarni: People Released from British and Irish Jails Built America on Dollar Worship and the Annihilation of Nations

#668 | 05:01
Source: Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia)

The following are excerpts from an interview with Saudi Cleric 'Awadh Al-Qarni. Iqra TV aired this interview on May 5, 2005

'Awadh Al-Qarni: If we were to talk in detail about the ideological roots of the American mind, or about the American thought, it would take us a long time. But I will mention some points briefly, since this subject is extensive. I will briefly mention some points. First of all, we must understand the beginnings of the formation of the American nation. In the beginning, it was formed by groups of people who were released from British and Irish prisons… That was in the beginning. They were sent to America, and they were followed by groups of adventurers, people in search of riches or honor. They went to America, with their Christian roots, and Protestant roots in particular. We know that the in Christianity, the Protestants are very close to the biblical prospective of the Jews, in much of what they say.

These Christian roots, which they brought with them - as a "savior nation" facing wild savages and riffraff - aroused in them, when they confronted the Indians at first, and later when they confronted the world… It aroused in them a sense of racial superiority and a sense that the entire world is inferior. They look down at the world. For instance, when one of the most famous presidents, Roosevelt, who won a Nobel prize, said: "If we had left the Indians hunting lands of their own - lands where they lands where they could hunt in the forests - we would have given our continent…" – see how it has become "our continent," although they are invaders – "…to savages, dirty and barbaric, and therefore, our only option is to annihilate them."

Interviewer:So the American mentality is condescending...

'Awadh Al-Qarni: Christian roots, racial and racist supremacy, in their view, as well as the life they had in America, and their taking control of the land and natural resources… All these have led them to their worship of the dollar, which has become their new god, their golden calf of the Israelites. They would do anything for a dollar. All of these things together - their Christian roots with their biblical dimension, their l racist perspective, regarding the supremacy of the Anglo-Saxon race… Even some Congressmen… (David) Duke wrote in his book (My) Awakening – his entire book is an attempt to prove scientifically and empirically that the Anglo-Saxon race is superior. This is more than what the Nazis said, Hitler and his friends. This, along with dollar worship, and the annihilation of nations for its sake, led the American mentality to consider power, subjugation, and annihilation to be the best way to deal with opponents.

Interviewer: Great.

'Awadh Al-Qarni: Examples of this are the Indians, Vietnam…

Interviewer: In brief…

'Awadh Al-Qarni: …Japan, Germany, Iraq, Afghanistan… Therefore, the appetite for war and annihilation of the other flows in the Americans' souls. Thus, we can understand what is going on in Iraq, Abu Ghureib, Guantanamo, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

While America wants the world to be based on conflict, exclusion, and annihilation, we believe that the world should be based on coexistence, and this diversity and pluralism, which are Allah's will, will eventually prevail. This is what Allah decreed. If America continues this way, its tyranny will come to an end, like its predecessors throughout history - like Nazism, fascism, and many others.

Over the phone, Egyptian intellectual, Muhammad 'Amara: There are various types of democracy. We've already seen liberal democracy, popular democracy, democracy of the working people, state-sponsored democracy, socialist democracy… But America is now inventing a new type of democracy, which I call "democracy of monkeys." It locks a nation up in a cage, and then says, "You can play as much as you like." Some countries have turned into military bases, with parliaments that hold sessions, where they have disagreements and bicker among themselves. They are bickering within the cage. This is the new type of cowboy democracy.

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