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Jan 13, 2013
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Saudi Cleric Ali Al-Malki: West Tampers with Burgers, Whiskey to Induce Birth of Girls among Muslims (Archival)

#5291 | 01:47
Source: The Internet

In a 2013 show on the Saudi channel Dana TV, Saudi cleric Ali Al-Malki warned viewers that Western burger chains, such as McDonald's and Harvey's, tamper with the meat in order "to kill the male genes" among Muslim men and women and make them give birth to girls rather than boys. Sheikh Al-Malki further complained that Saudi Arabia exports all its prime agricultural produce to America and in return, America exports whiskey to Saudi Arabia. "Some of that whiskey is not fresh," he said. "It's defective."


Ali al-Malki: "Unfortunately we have problems in this country and we call upon Allah and the Saudi political leaders to protect us and to protect our children. Our Milk has been tampered with. Our Juice has been tampered with. Everything imported into this country has been tampered with... Even the hamburgers. By Allah, when I was in China, I got a study in English, translated into Arabic. It said that the hamburgers sent to McDonald's, to Harvey's, and so on, contain a substance... Look at the level of scheming by the West. By Allah, I read this, and I am willing to attest this on the day I face God. They put into the meat that comes from abroad, a substance that kills the male genes both in men and in women. They kill the male genes in the man or his wife, so that there will be more women than men. They know that men are tantamount to future power, army, and hope among all the leaders in the world. Imagine how they came up with the idea of putting that substance in the meat. Unfortunately we take all our dates from Al-Kharj and the north, and all of our grain, corn, and milk, and export them to America, whereas they export whiskey to us. By the way some of that whiskey is not even fresh. It's defective. I'm a member (of the staff) at the narcotics hospital so I know. They send us defective alcohol, I'm sad to say."