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Feb 07, 2005
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Saudi Cleric Aed Al-Qarni Speaking at the Saudi Counter-Terrorism Campaign:The Jews and the U.S. Are the Ones Using Terrorism

#535 | 01:48
Source: Channel 1 (Saudi Arabia)

The following are excerpts from an interview with Saudi cleric Aed Al-Qarni. Channel 1, Saudi TV aired this interview on February 7, 2005:

Aed Al-Qarni: The first to kill and use terrorism in the world were the Jews. Let me quote Henry Manjiro [sic] in his book on the history of the US, Abraham Lincoln... Lincoln...

Interviewer: Lincoln.

Aed Al-Qarni: Yes... who freed their slaves, was killed in an act of terror. Kennedy was killed in an act of terror. And the list goes on. They began to act this way 200 years before us. Why don't they go back to their history? The terror attack on the building in Oklahoma was an American act of terror, as you know. The blowing up of the buildings in Washington, opposite the Pentagon, was an American terror attack.

There are world Zionist circles that want to create for us constitutions that are illegitimate. According to these constitutions, the killing of Palestinian and Iraqi civilians is permitted or is uncontroversial. However, when one of them is targeted in revenge, this is considered terror, and the entire world has to denounce it. It is as if killing them is forbidden, while the lives of Muslims fair game. We reject this unjust distinction. We object to any illegitimate fighting...

But we won't accept the Zionist rule or that of the White House - which is, in fact, a Black House. We say we have a religion, and we want to make the world understand this religion. We must rely on the divine source of authority in this matter, and not on what people understand, or on the declaration that "Whoever is not with us is against us." Whoever is not with Allah, His people, and His Messenger, is against goodness, virtue and truth.

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