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Sep 11, 2004
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Saudi Cleric Abikan: The Arabs Started the 1967 War and Are Responsible for Escalation of Violence

#260 | 02:34
Source: MBC TV (Saudi Arabia)

The following are excerpts from the weekly religious-ruling show of Sheik Abd Al-Muhsen Al-Abikan, Saudi Justice Ministry legal advisor:

At first, some Palestinians sold their homes and lands to Jews, a long time ago, and then the Jews had a place of their own, and later a very small state, before the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (were occupied). Matters became complicated, and UN soldiers from a few countries were stationed there. These forces separated between the Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and between the Jews in the Israeli State.

Who made them start their expansionism? History is very clear about this. President Jamal 'Abd Al-Nasser is the one who started it by telling (the UN forces): "Get out and we will throw them into the sea. We will throw the Jews into the sea." I tell you the problem is that those who caused the destruction were Muslims. I heard him when I was small. He said inhis speeches, "Let's throw them in the sea." Afterwards… the forces left. He told those forces to leave. He is the one who began fighting the Jews, and then there was defeat.

When some Arabs began fighting the Jews, they took over the West Bank and Gaza. We know that after the Jews took the West Bank and the Gaza Strip things stabilized: There was no killing and we didn't hear a thing. Later, there was… some people with interests brought troubles upon them. It started with all (the talk about) "children of the stones…" we would always hear about "the children of the stones." As if adults weren't even involved. Only the children: the "children of the stones… the children of the stones…" Things developed. At first it was merely stones and such, and then it developed into destroying houses, killing people, and using weapons. Later, things got worse. This is what caused (former Saudi Mufti) Sheik 'Abd Al-'Aziz Ibn Baz to say, "You must make peace." But they did not respond.

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