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Oct 01, 2017
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"Sister, You Will Drive" - Saudi Band Releases "Born To Be Wild" Cover Celebrating Royal Decree Permitting Women to Drive

#6239 | 02:50
Source: The Internet - ""Most of Us" on YouTUbe"

A song titled "Sister, You Will Drive" celebrates the lifting of the ban on Saudi women driving. The song, to the tune of Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Wild," is performed by the Jeddah-based "Most Of Us" band, and contains lines such as "No more driver, Uber, or taxi to take you any place." Saudi musicians Hasan Hatrash, Khalid Sharani, Amro Hawari and Amir Abbas released the music video on YouTube to celebrate the new law, which should come into effect before June 2018, after Saudi King Salman bin 'Abd Al-'Aziz issued his decree on the matter on September 26, 2017.

Lead Singer:"Sister, you will drive. Saudi girls will drive. Get your motor running, and go for the Ring Road. Run your errands, and whatever comes your way. Yeah ladies, go make it happen. Take the wheel with a love embrace. No more driver, Uber, or taxi to take you any place. Like a true Arabian girl, you were born to shine like a pearl. Now it's time to drive – drive me around. Saudi girls will drive."

Background Singers:"Sister, you will drive!"

Lead Singer: "Sister, you will drive.

(Guitar solo)

"Instead of riding in the back seat, come on over and take the wheel. Hit the gas, and play your best beat. It's so unreal... Like a true Arabian girl... You were born to shine like a pearl. Now it's time to drive – drive me around."

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