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Apr 06, 2006
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Saudi Author Dr. Muhammad Al-'Arifi on Show Produced by Saudi Ministry of Religious Endowments: Women in the West Marry Dogs and Donkeys; 54% of Danish Women Do Not Know Who Fathered Their Babies

#1104 | 01:39
Source: Al-Resala TV (Kuwait)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Saudi author Dr. Muhammad Al-'Arifi, which aired on Al-Risala TV on April 6, 2006.

Dr. Muhammad Al-'Arifi: One of the most important things that distinguish Man from beast is the ability to control one's desires. Allah said about some of the infidels: "They are like cattle; nay, they stray farther off the path." If you look at them, you will see that when they want to go to sleep - they go to sleep, with complete disregard for the times of the five prayers. If he feels like committing adultery - he does. If he feels like having any type of sexual relations - he does, regardless of whether it is permitted or prohibited.

Therefore, as I said on previous shows, they have organizations for homosexuals, organizations for people who marry animals - she marries a dog, a donkey, and so on... The organizations exist, and strangely enough, they are official. They have websites, and they publish magazines with pictures.


According to statistics from Denmark, 54% of the births in Denmark are illegitimate. In this case, the term "illegitimate" does not mean a girl getting pregnant by her boyfriend. It refers to a woman, who gives birth in a hospital, and when the doctor asks her under whose name to register the baby - who's the father - she says: "I don't know. It might be the doorman... No, no, it might be the company director... It might be the clerk, or the taxi driver... I don't know." They end up registering the child in her own name. That's an "illegitimate" birth. But when she says that the child is from her boyfriend, that's fine...


Script: Produced by the Ministry of Religious Endowments, Daw'a, and Guidance.

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