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May 27, 2017
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Saudi Painter and Sculptor Diyaa Aziz Criticizes 9/11 Conspiracy Theories: The Arab World Got Itself in a Mess Because of Its Ignorance

#6078 | 02:21
Source: Rotana Khalijiya TV (Saudi Arabia)

In a Rotana Khalijiyya TV interview, Saudi artist and sculptor Diyaa Aziz said that the conspiracies that attributed 9/11 to the Americans themselves were "totally illogical" and that "we got ourselves into this mess and we are continuing on the same path because of our ignorance." The interview aired on May 27.


Rotana Khalijiyya: "The attack on the WTC on September 11 led to a tragedy for Islam and the Islamic world. This was very wrong. A criminal act was perpetuated by a handful of criminals, which has not benefited Islam or humanity in any way. It did not help the cause of the Arabs or of Islam. On the contrary, it was extremely harmful to us, to Islam, and to all Arab and Islamic societies."


Interviewer: "Do you believe in the existence of a global conspiracy?"


Rotana Khalijiyya: "The truth is that I am against conspiracy theories. I don't believe in them. People attribute to conspiracies many things that have happened here since the Iraq (war), which was caused by the attack on the American towers. It all started then. Many stories began to surface that (9/11) had been organized by the Americans. Imagine - the Americans attacked the towers themselves in order to start some kind of show... This is totally illogical. I believe that we got ourselves into this mess and that we are continuing on the same path because of our ignorance. I am talking not only about Saudi Arabia, but about the entire Arab world. The countries around us have reached the state they are in today. How come? Because of ignorance, and because they have been dealing unwisely with the issues at hand and with life."


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