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Jul 04, 2024
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Leader Of Lebanese Forces Party Samir Geagea: Of All The Arab Countries, Why Is Only Lebanon Involved In The War With Israel? Why Can't The Lebanese Army Deploy Along The Border, Take Over Hizbullah's Posts And End This Story?

#11236 | 01:27
Source: MTV (Lebanon)

Samir Geagea, the leader of the Lebanese Forces Party asked in a July 4, 2024 interview how come Lebanon is the only one of the Arab countries that is involved in the war between Israel and Palestine. He continued to wonder how come the Lebanese army cannot be deployed along the border and replace Hizbullah in its posts and end the story of the war with Israel. Geagea said that Hizbullah has "nothing to do with Lebanon." The address was aired on MTV (Lebanon).

Samir Geagea: "With the exception of Palestine and Israel, who are directly involved in what is going on... There are 22 countries in the Arab League. I'm being serious. How come only Lebanon – out of the 21 countries, if we do not include Palestine – finds itself in such a situation? In the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, there are 57 countries, and in the General Assembly of the United Nations, there are 193 countries. Can anyone explain to me why apart from Palestine, Lebanon is the only country that finds itself in the eye of the storm?


"I want to ask seriously, as a Lebanese citizen, not as the leader of a political party: Where is the problem? Why can't the Lebanese army deploy along the border, in the same positions where Hizbullah's forces are stationed now? Then Hizbullah will withdraw and we will get rid of this entire story.


"Hizbullah's enterprise has nothing to do with Lebanon. I am not trying to insult Hizbullah. I just want you and every Lebanese to read Hizbullah's literature. Read their books, read what Sheikh Naim Qassem has written, and you will see that it has nothing to do with Lebanon."

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