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Aug 12, 2017
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IRGC Deputy Commander Salami to the U.S.: A War in the Persian Gulf Will Not Be Limited to the Region and It Will Be Impossible To Control Its Escalation

#6169 | 04:14
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

IRGC Deputy Commander Hossein Salami warned the U.S. that a war in the Persian Gulf would threaten the security of the energy routes and would jeopardize global trade in the region. This would have a "political domino effect," said Salami, "gobbling up" the regimes in the Middle East that are dependent upon America. Salami, who was speaking in an interview on Iranian TV's Channel 1 on August 12, further said that the U.S. is avoiding war because of its consequences and is responding to Iranian vessels in the Gulf with panic. Salami mocked the American talk about inspection of Iranian military facilities, saying that this is "one wish that will be taken by its bearers to the grave." Iran, he said, has so many missiles that they have no space to store them.


IRGC Deputy Commander Hossein Salami: "If there is a confrontation in the Persian Gulf, the security of the world's energy will change significantly. Nobody will receive energy from this region. The [Americans] know that global trade in this region will come to a complete halt. They know that there will be a political domino effect, threatening the existence of those useless regimes, which are dependent on America, and that the political domino will gobble them up. On the other hand, they know that a war in this geographical region will not be limited to just one area, and that it will be impossible to control its escalation.




"The most important thing is for the [war] to proceed toward the Zionist regime, and to threaten the political existence of that regime.




"Another important point is that the real strategy of America is avoidance of war, because they know that war and conflict in this region would accelerate the decline of America's already deteriorating strength to its final point of deterioration, and would have a strong impact on its vital interests.




"That is why the Americans panic when they see our vessels at a distance that we believe to be reasonable, and that is why they respond immediately.




"Our enemies do not know and do not respect anything but the language of force. Only when you speak the language of force do they understand. They have no understanding whatsoever of logic, humanity, or justice. These notions are lost in Western political logic. Otherwise, the world would not look like this. They have filled the whole world with fire. They produce enough weapons to ignite the world in its entirety. Therefore, it is clear that we must be powerful. I expect the officials in the government, especially in the diplomatic corps, to completely associate themselves with this might, to stand proud, to have self-confidence, and to know that we have enough might to overcome the superpowers. We are not at all concerned. We are confident that America's threats are nothing but psychological warfare.




"Let me make one point to the great Iranian nation, America, and the entire world. If there was one request throughout history and worldwide that will remain unfulfilled and will be denied, if there is one wish that will be taken by its bearers to the grave, it is this [request]: that they visit our military facilities.




"Our response to the American sanctions will be to increase, on a daily basis, the strength of our defense at a much more accelerated pace than in the past.




"We have so many missiles that we have a problem finding space to store them."

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