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Mar 08, 2018
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Russian State TV: Being a Traitor Jeopardizes Your Health

#6472 | 01:57
Source: Channel 1 (Russia)

Following the poisoning of Russian spy Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, TV host Cyril Kleymenov cautioned against choosing a professional career as a "traitor," and warned Russians not to take up residence in England, because in recent years, there have been too many cases of people dying in mysterious circumstances. He was speaking on Russia's Channel 1 TV on March 8.


Following is a transcript:

Cyril Kleymenov: [Poisoned spy Skripal] is a professional traitor to the motherland. This is not a metaphor and not an exaggeration. The former Russian intelligence colonel worked for British intelligence, and he was exposed in Russia, confessed, and was convicted.


In this context, I would like to say very clearly and to be understood: I sympathize with any suffering and under no circumstances do I rejoice in it, and I certainly do not wish for anybody’s death, but I would like to caution anybody even considering such a career.

The profession of a traitor is generally one of the most dangerous professions in the world. Statistically, it is much more dangerous than a drug courier. It is very rare for anybody choosing it to reach old age in peace and tranquility. Alcoholism, drug addiction, stress, nervous breakdowns, and depression – these are the inevitable professional diseases of the traitor. They lead to heart attacks, strokes, traffic accidents, and ultimately, suicide. So our Ministry of Health – and not only ours – warns: This is the fate of professional traitors all over the world, with rare exceptions.

My second recommendation is intended for a broader audience: Don’t consider England as a future country of residence. Regardless of your reasons – whether you are a professional traitor or just hate your country in your free time – I repeat: Whatever you do, not England. Something is wrong there – maybe it’s the climate – but in recent years, there have been too many strange incidents with a grave outcome. People getting hanged, being poisoned, [dying in] helicopter crashes, falling out of windows – all on an industrial scale. Better go to continental Europe.


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