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Jun 30, 2016
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Russian Senator Olga Kovitidi: Nobody Will Be Able to Beat Us When It Comes to a Ground Offensive

#5553 | 01:51

Olga Kovitidi, the Russian senator representing Crimea and a member of the Federation Council's Defense and Security Committee, said that the current arms race and the upcoming NATO budget increase are not accidental. However, thanks to the Russian federal budgeting program, adopted in 2012 to develop the country's military industry, "when it comes to a ground offensive, nobody will be able to beat us," she said. Kovitidi was speaking on the "Time Will Show" talk show devoted to Brexit and NATO on Russia's Channel 1 on June 30.

Following are excerpts

Olga Kovitidi: Our grandfathers had a proverb - it's not my own words: Even an unloaded gun will eventually fire. Sooner or later, even an unloaded gun will fire. The fact that today, we see such an arms race, and for the first time in the last decade, NATO's countries are supposed to increase their armaments budgets, and to increase NATO's overall budget to 100 billion dollars - this is not accidental. The fact that even Norway is buying four submarines is not accidental. Lithuania is increasing its armaments budget by 175 million dollars. This too is no accident. I want you all to pay attention: Regardless of what the [West] says or does about us, we can sleep well at night. Back in 2012, we adopted a special federal budgeting program...


We adopted this program to develop Russia's military industry... This program means allocating three trillion rubles for this purpose...


Today, there are 2.5 million workers in the military industry. So when it comes to a ground offensive, nobody will be able to beat us... You may sleep well at night, but you don't eat well...

American Journalist Michael Bohm: You may sleep well at night, but you don't eat well...

Olga Kovitidi: Listen, Michael, you can sleep with whoever you want, but you won't sleep with Russia.


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