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Mar 16, 2018
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Russian Politician Evgeniy Tarlo: The West – Intellectual Degenerates, Moral Perverts; We Need to Lead the Third World to Oppose U.S. Hegemony

#6489 | 01:12

Following U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's accusations that President Putin was responsible for the poisoning of Russian ex-spy Skripal, Russian politician Evgeniy Tarlo accused the West of trying to influence Russian elections, and said: "Intellectual degenerates and moral perverts cannot teach us a thing." He further said that Russia must lead the Third World to oppose American hegemony. Tarlo was speaking on Russia's Channel 1 on March 16.

Evgeniy Tarlo: "[The West] thinks that somehow it will influence our elections, although one must be a complete degenerate to believe that attacks on Putin like [Boris Johnson's] will lead to our corrupt elite, which keeps money [in Europe], getting scared, and immediately voting and organizing the overthrow of Putin. This is complete stupidity and idiocy, but that is their intellectual level.  


"We are patriotic, and we will defend our country from this stupidity. We need to think about creating our alliances and stop focusing on the West. They must not order us around. Intellectual degenerates and moral perverts cannot teach us a thing. We need to lead the Third World – India, Brazil, and the whole world are our friends – to oppose the hegemony of the U.S. We must lead the conduct of the entire world."

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