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Dec 15, 2019
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Russian Political Expert Sergei Mikheyev: Greta Thunberg Is A 'Lunatic'; 'The U.S. Should Become The First Green Economy Producing Nothing – In That Sense, I Cynically Support Thunberg'

#7671 | 08:16
Source: Russia 1

On Vecher ("Evening") with Russian host Vladimir Solovyov, Russian political expert Sergei Mikheyev strongly criticized Western liberalism, asking "What does the enemy of the human race want?" He added, sarcastically: "Let's stop raising children, let's allow homosexuals couples to reproduce, no matter how they do that. The don't care how they do it, by the way, as long as it happens."


Criticizing environmental activism and calling it a "radical" ideology that is threatening Europe, he said: "Let's not exhale carbon dioxide, let's kill people so they don't breathe. They ruined the environment by breathing. The next step of the radicals is to commit mass suicides to cleanse the planet." He also stressed that teen environmental activism leader Greta Thunberg may have been nominated for a Nobel Prize but is nonetheless a "lunatic."


"I get the impression that someone is managing this process," Mikheyev said, hinting at the liberal elite. Assessing that the ultimate goal of the liberal elite is the destruction of the nation-state, maximum globalization, elimination of all possible borders, and bringing the world to another kind of world order, he said: "And it has to be different, outside nationalities, outside sovereignty, outside the borders. Everything must be destroyed, no matter under what slogans. Fighting for the environment would do [this]..."


He noted that should the West choose a "suicidal" way of life, it may be good for Russia: "It will put an end to them as our rivals." He added: "If Greta Thunberg advocates against pollution and for the environment, let her call on the U.S. to unilaterally abandon nuclear weapons. I'm all for it. Let the U.S. unilaterally abandon nuclear weapons so as not to pollute the planet... Let it refuse to extract oil, and from liquefied gas too... I think the U.S. should become the first green economy to produce nothing. In that sense, I cynically support Greta Thunberg."


Saying that Russia should not allow such a "progressive" mindset to entrench itself in the country, he added that were Russia to embrace such an approach, it would die before the West. "We'll be done for sure, because we don't have the reserves [the West has]... It will take them a long time to consume [all] their resources... Let's destroy the remnants of our economy. Let's start growing weed. And we are done... If, in the guise of good intentions, another wave of progress, and free thought, this is brought to us... we'll be done sooner than they [the West] will."


Russian host Vladimir Solovyov added that the model Thunberg is proposing is the absolute annihilation of everything existing in the world.


The video was translated into English by Vesti.

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