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Apr 12, 2017
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Russian MP: Wipe Our Streets Clean of LGBTs and Liberals, Send Drug Addicts to "Medical Labor Camps"

#5995 | 03:49
Source: Rain TV (Russia)

Russian MP Vitaly Milonov, a member of the ruling United Russia Party, said that HIV started when "faggots slept with monkeys," that liberals were fascists, and that drug addicts should be sent to "special" camps. Summing up his attitude toward homosexuality and liberalism, he said: "We should wipe our streets clean of LGBTs and liberals." Milonov, who is known for his controversial homophobic stance, was speaking on the independent liberal TV-Rain channel on April 13.


Interviewer: "When an LGBT activist chained himself to the..."



Milonov: "He's a faggot."



Interviewer: "He chained himself to the Ahmat Kadyrov bridge in St. Petersburg..."



Milonov: "He's a sodomite."



Interviewer: "You said – and I quote: 'The bridge should be washed with shampoo now, because of this HIV-contaminated guy.'"



Milonov: "Yes, he was obviously HIV-contaminated."



Interviewer: "Let me ask you, do you know for sure that he was HIV positive?"



Milonov: "Yes, he admitted so himself. He said in front of journalists: 'Oh, I didn't know that they'd figure out that I'm HIV infected.'"



Interviewer: "And how do you personally know?"



Milonov: "C'mon, he's a faggot. All faggots have HIV."



Interviewer: "Are you serious?"



Milonov: "Of course. Where did this disease come from?"



Interviewer: "So you are equating sexual orientation with being HIV positive?"



Milonov: "Definitely. I am equating this sexual orientation with the evil it brought upon the world. Without faggots, there would be no HIV. First faggots slept with monkeys, and then with one another. That's how HIV emerged."



Interviewer: "The origins of HIV have not been proven..."



Milonov: "Everyone says it came from monkeys. Faggots do not care whether it's a monkey or a..."



Interviewer: "Do you realize that this sentence of yours - that all sexual minorities are HIV-positive – is a Fascist statement?" It's like saying that all Jews are bad.



Milonov: "[Russian writer] Maxim Gorky used to say: 'Get rid of the faggots, and Fascism will disappear.' Those were his words. By the way, all the first fascists were faggots. To hell with them."



Interviewer: "Equating the disease with one's sexual orientation is definitely an expression of Fascism."



Milonov: "C'mon, enough with the Fascism. Fascism is what liberals do. The juvenile justice system is Fascism. The fact is that the history of the emergence of HIV and its spreading over the planet coincides with the spread of homosexuality. Without the [homosexuals], it would not have happened. This is [divine] retribution."






Interviewer: "So shampoo is no protection against HIV. Got it."



Milonov: "We should wipe our streets clean of LGBTs and liberals."



Interviewer: "If this issue is so important to you, you might be aware that Russia is on the verge of an HIV epidemic. We have more than a million HIV-positive people. Why is this happening?"



Milonov: "Because of prostitution, drug addiction, and homosexuality."



Interviewer: "What are you personally doing to prevent this?"



Milonov: "We should isolate all drug addicts. Russia's entire population should be tested for drugs. Every single one."



Interviewer: "Tested by force?"



Milonov: "Yes. A drug addict is a dangerous person."






"All addicts should be sent to closed facilities."



Interviewer: "What?"



Milonov: "Closed facilities – medical labor camps."



Interviewer: "You mean [concentration] camps?"



Milonov: "No, special camps."



Interviewer: "What about someone who is an addict, but is not yet HIV-positive?"



Milonov: "A drug addict is sick, with a socially dangerous disease. He will kill for drugs. He will rape and commit robbery. In the camps, they should have a chance to be cured."



Interviewer: "What about gays? Should they be sent to the same camps or different ones? If there is no propaganda of homosexuality, if we don't say on TV that homosexuality is a norm – there will be no homosexuals at all.


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