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Dec 26, 2016
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Russian Monk: "Kikes" Downed the Russian Plane as a Ritual Sacrifice for Hanukkah

#5825 | 04:34
Source: Online Platforms

Russian Orthodox monk Antonii Shlyakhov said that the Russian MOD TU-154 jet that crashed in late December was a "ritual sacrifice" by Jews – whom he called "kikes" - in celebration of Chanuka. He further accused the Jews of flooding a Russian town, of raping and killing Qadhafi, and of butchering Saddam, along with his family, on Purim. The Russian Orthodox church authorities are said to have banned Shlyakhov from delivering sermons in Russia, and he now operates in Khazakhstan. Shlyakhov, who is known for his antisemitic and anti-Russian establishment statements, has thousands of followers on his social media accounts. This video was posted on YouTube on December 27.

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