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Jun 18, 2017
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Russian LDPR Party Leader: Trump Is Politically Impotent, Melania Is a Bitch

#6095 | 01:10
Source: Roya TV (Jordan)

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Leader of the Russian LDPR Party, said, during Russia 1's flagship Sunday evening talk show, that U.S. President Trump would like to change the political course of his country, but was unable to do so. Even his own wife acts toward him like a bitch and not a First Lady, said Zhirinovsky. The show aired on June 18.


Vladimir Zhirinovsky: "Let me say from the start: Any attacks of ours on Trump are groundless. He is ready to change the course [of the U.S.], but he is hampered. The U.S. has a powerful legal system, in which the law is above everything. Everyone abides by it – Congressman, prosecutors, and judges. It is too hard to be autocratic in the U.S., which has always been a republic. They have never had concepts such as 'monarchy' or 'absolute power.' The mere fact that everybody attacks [Trump] proves that we are right. He wants [to change the system] but he can't. Could we ever have imagined that the U.S. President would find himself in such a situation? He is under siege..."


Host: "He wants to but he can't... What a tragic fate..."


Vladimir Zhirinovsky: "Yes, it's political impotence. It's not only the American political establishment that haunts him. His own wife... He wanted to hold her hand... He has the right to do so... You are the First Lady?! You are not the First Lady, you are a bitch!"

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