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Jan 10, 2017
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Russian Defense Minister Shoigu on Ashton Carter's Remarks: He Confused Our Two Countries

#5837 | 01:49
Source: Russia 24

Commenting on the recent interview with U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, who had said that Russia's effort against ISIS amounted to "virtually zero," Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said that he had "confused [the two] countries." Shoigu admitted that the operation in Syria had "required us to exert all our efforts, our resources, and our capabilities." His statements aired on Russia 24 on January 10



Sergey Shoigu: Yesterday, I watched an interview with one of my counterparts from abroad,  who said, in his words, that Russia's contribution to the fight against international terrorism in Syria and in the region in general was "virtually zero." I could have agreed with him if, for one thing, he had not confused [our two] countries, and, for another, had been more careful in his assessments. That's why we decided to sum up some results of our actions in Syria during the past year. I think that this is quite important. We have achieved the main objectives for the past year, set by the Supreme Commander. However hard it was for us, and however much we needed the support of the international coalition - which did less than zero - to our deep regret, we received no support from it. That required us to exert all our efforts, our resources, and our capabilities, in order to dispatch major forces to Syria, including an aircraft carrier group and extra aerospace forces.



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