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Feb 20, 2017
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Russian Defense Minister: The British Lion Will Not Tell Our Bear What to Do

#5917 | 00:56
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu responded to British Defense Secretary Sir Michael Fallon's recent statement that "we don't need the bear sticking his paws in [Libya]" by saying that "there is no animal in their zoo that can tell our bear what to do." He was speaking before an audience of the "Young Army" military-patriotic movement at Moscow State University on February 21,and his statements aired on the Russian channel of the Russia Today TV network.


Audience Member: "Could you please comment on the words of your British colleague, Michael Fallon, during the Munich conference, with regard to Russia's actions in Libya? He said – and I quote: 'We don't need the bear sticking his paws in (Libya).'"



Sergey Shoigu: "Well, if we are talking about animals… They've got a lion on their national emblem, right? There is an old proverb that says: 'Every lion is a cat, but not every cat is a lion.' Let everybody mind their own business. We don't believe that there is any animal in their zoo that can tell our bear what to do."


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