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Apr 07, 2019
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Russian Political Analyst Yevgeny Satanovsky: The De-Americanization of Europe Is Critical; U.S. Would Pay With Territory, Military Facilities, Civilian Population for "Anti-Russian Activities"

#7141 | 05:08
Source: Russia 1

Russian political analyst Yevgeny Satanovsky said in an episode of "Evening with Vladimir Solovyov" that aired on the state-owned Russia-1 TV network that the U.S. and Russia will clash by 2025 – a year after Russian President Vladimir Putin's term is supposed to end. Satanovsky specified that in order to defend Russia, the "de-Americanization" of Europe is "critical." He said this would mean the "elimination" of either the American presence in Europe or the NATO bloc in general. "I'm talking about any forms of elimination, not just peaceful methods and negotiations... Because if your neighbor tells you he'll shoot you, and takes out his rifle and cartridges, it would be extremely odd to wait for him to shoot you and your family," Satanovky stated. Satanovsky added that the U.S. is threatening Russia, but that it will pay with its territory, its military facilities, and maybe even with its civilian population for any of its "anti-Russian activities" in Europe. Vladimir Solovyov, the prominent pro-Kremlin television and radio host, interjected: "We'll be forced to destroy any sources of threats to our existence." The video was uploaded to the Internet on April 7, 2019.


Yevgeny Satanovsky: Look, here's what I believe. It becomes obvious when you think about it. Judging by NATO's estimates, there won't be a large European war until about 2025. And by 2025, Ukraine, being a large anti-Russian foothold, will evolve into something that will begin dragging us into trouble, connected with various matters including transfer of power. It's not a coincidence that some of our neighbors are getting rid of the Russian inscriptions on their money in 2024. We see that and we should be ready. From where we get the approximate schedule of our actions. Unfortunately, in this case, I must tell you, Mr. Zoblin, that words, said for whatever reason, leave an aftertaste. This taste leads to various things. Nobody wanted the First World War. Nobody needed it. All of the leaders were close relatives back then. We can only imagine what condition Europe was in. Undoubtedly, the issue of de-Americanization of Europe is critical. There's no Soviet border anymore. I said that yesterday. And there's no line dividing Germany. We must get rid of it up to the Atlantic Ocean. The elimination of either the American presence or the NATO bloc in general. I'm talking about any forms of elimination, not just peaceful methods and negotiations. The issue remains. Because if your neighbor tells you he'll shoot you, and takes out his rifle and cartridges, it would be extremely odd to wait for him to shoot you and your family. All words have been said. Colonel Robert Pshel, who represented here not just NATO but also Poland, told us honestly that he doesn't care much about that because his dentist is in Brussels. We realize that Poland will be the advanced foothold for the attack. But we'd have to go to Brussels anyway, otherwise Pshel will just hide there with his dentist.

Nikolai Zlobin: And this issue...

Yevgeny Satanovsky: America is threatening Russia! If you don't get that, then you're not a political scientist!

Nikolai Zlobin: But we've been talking...

Yevgeny Satanovsky: You're not an expert but a nice man talking to me who knows nothing about the subject!

Nikolai Zlobin: But the task of...

Yevgeny Satanovsky: You've set that task before us, Mr. Zlobin! You know nothing about that! You don't see that! I'm sorry for you, because America will pay with its territory, its military facilities, and it will be lucky if not with its civilian population, for any anti-Russian activities in Europe. Did you not hear that? You've been told that not by Obama or Trump. You've been told about that in the most polite way by the incumbent Russian president. If America doesn't realize that, then you should replace the idiots that run your country. They'll bury it. We're talking on the eve of that. Can't you see that? Don't you realize that?

Nikolai Zlobin: No.

Yevgeny Satanovsky: What a pity.

Vladimir Solovyov: Mr. Shakhnazarov?

Karen Shhakhnazarov: I've never seen Mr. Satanovsky so infuriated before. He's great!

Vladimir Solovyov: Mr. Satanovsky is great when he's infuriated.

Karen Shhakhnazarov: Mr. Zlobin has been smashed!

Nikolai Zlobin: Calm down or you'll destroy me next.

Vladimir Solovyov: I'm not going to explain that. We'll be forced to destroy any sources of threats to our existence.

Nikolai Zlobin: Well, I guess that country has the same attitude.

Vladimir Solovyov: Following the example of Poland, we don't care about their attitude. I'd like to remind you that it has no chance of defending itself, no European country does. No chance.

Yevgeny Satanovsky: You know, Nikolai, speaking about NATO ships defending Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait near our bridge, I conducted a large poll today, 3,000 participants. 1% said we shouldn't touch them. Two-thirds said we should sink them. One-third said we should capture them instead of sinking them. That's the attitude of the population.

Vladimir Solovyov: Let's put it like this: An American can only strangle a German if the German is already being strangled by a Russian.

Participant: I'll go even further...

Vladimir Solovyov: I'd like to remind you that when the Americans did something on their own, they later called Stalin and begged him: 'Please, start the offensive! We're getting torn to shreds here!'

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