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Feb 27, 2022
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Russian Ambassador To Iraq Elbrus Kutrashev: The U.S. Is Behind All World Crises, Including Ukraine War; Sanctions Prove West's Unwillingness To Use Forceful Measures; Iran Is Our Ally, We Participate In Developing Its Nuclear Project

#9396 | 02:37
Source: Al-Sharqiyah TV (Iraq)

Russian Ambassador to Iraq Elbrus Kutrashev said in a February 27, 2022 interview on Al-Sharqiyah News TV (Iraq) that Iran is Russia's ally and that Russia participates in developing Iran's nuclear program. Kutrashev also said that the West cannot completely besiege Russia because it is not like North Korea, Iraq, Syria, or Iran, and because western European countries rely on Russian gas supply. In addition, Kutrashev said that America is behind the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, and asked: "Is there any crisis in the world that America is not behind?" Moreover, Kutrashev said that it is "well known" that America was involved in the "coup" in Ukraine in 2014, since all the forces that rose to power were pro-American.

Elbrus Kutrashev: "Is there any crisis in the world that America is not behind?"

Interviewer: "Is America the cause of the crisis between Russia and Ukraine?"

Kutrashev: "America has played the main role. Absolutely."

Interviewer: "And all the crises in the world?"

Kutrashev: "Well, maybe not all of them, but in all the significant crises, there is an American role, unfortunately."

Interviewer: "Unfortunately?"

Kutrashev: "Yes, of course. If we return to the issue of Ukraine in the coup of 2014, for example, which lies at the root of the current Ukrainian crisis, the American involvement is well known. All the forces that rose to power were pro-American, and America welcomed their rise to power.


"Iran is our ally with regard to what is happening in Syria, for instance. Iran is our ally also with regard to the Iranian nuclear project, which we are very familiar with and participate in developing."

Interviewer: "You are participating in developing this project?"

Kutrashev: "However, there are issues about which we and Iran do not agree - they have their point of view and we have ours."

Interviewer: "For example?"

Kutrashev: "We do not need to get into the issue of Iran now. We should focus on Ukraine and Iraq. But it should be mentioned that regardless of our agreements and disagreements, Iran is a friendly country to Russia.


"These additional sanctions - SWIFT or whatever - prove that the West does not want, or is unable, to take really forceful measures against Russia. It is well known that despite all the sanctions, Russian gas continues to reach western Europe via Ukrainian territory. This means that Ukraine also gets Russian gas.

"In conclusion, you may besiege North Korea, which is a small country, you may besiege Iraq, like it was done in the past, you may besiege Syria, you may besiege Iran and impose sanctions on it, but you cannot lay a complete siege to Russia."

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