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Feb 27, 2022
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Russian Ambassador To Egypt Georgiy Borisenko: Ukrainians Are Celebrating The Arrival Of Russian Troops; The 'Neo-Nazi' Zelensky Regime Is Subservient To America, NATO

#9399 | 05:29

In a February 27, 2022 interview on MBC Masr TV (Egypt/Saudi Arabia), Russian Ambassador to Egypt Georgiy Borisenko spoke about the Ukraine-Russia war. He said that Russia invaded Ukraine to protect its national security, and that Ukraine is a small part of a Western threat to Russia. Borisenko added that NATO is an offensive anti-Russian alliance which, alongside the U.S., has been using Ukraine as a "tool" to threaten Russia. As proof of Ukraine's hostility to Russia, Borisenko explained that when Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukraine wants nuclear weapons, and he elaborated that Ukraine has the ability to rapidly develop nuclear weapons for use against Russia. Borisenko also explained that the goal of the Russian campaign is to "neutralize" the weapons of mass destruction he claimed Ukraine wants to use to kill Russians and people in Donbas.

In addition, Borisenko said that the Ukrainian people are independent, but that the Zelensky regime is "subservient" to America and NATO and does not serve the people's interests. Describing the Zelensky regime as a neo-Nazi and pro-Hitler regime that is made up of the same people who killed Russians and Poles in WWII, Borisenko said that the heroes are the Ukrainian people, who he claimed celebrate the arrival of Russian soldiers. Later in the interview, Borisenko said that the Russians are open to negotiations with Ukraine on the condition that Ukraine implements Russian demands to remove the weapons that threaten Russia's national security and assumes a neutral position that does not threaten Russia. He also stressed that for Ukraine to join NATO would be unacceptable to Russia.

Georgiy Borisenko: "Russia feels that it is significantly threatened by the West. This is a threat to its national security from NATO, the U.S., and the West. Ukraine is just a small part of the problem. For many years, the U.S. and NATO have been striving to incite Ukraine to strain its relations with Russia and to join NATO.

"As you know full well, NATO was established in 1949 as a defensive alliance against the Soviet Union, but now, it is an offensive alliance that threatens the security of the neighboring countries. Now they oppose Russia. Unfortunately, for the last eight years Ukraine has been a tool in the hands of the U.S. and the other NATO countries, which have made a great effort to use it as a threat against Russia.

"Therefore, Russia had to take measures to guarantee its national security.


"When President Putin decided to begin this special operation, Ukrainian President Zelensky declared that Ukraine wants to obtain nuclear weapons. Isn't this a clear and direct threat to Russian national security? Let me reiterate - Mr. Zelensky's statements are crossing a red line with respect to the national security of our country.

"We are talking about weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons that they want to use in order to threaten Russia. As you know full well, Ukraine has the technical and scientific capabilities to produce nuclear missiles in a short time. They also have rocket launchers and launch pads for nuclear warheads that they can use to strike targets in the Russian Federation.

"The ruling regime in Ukraine can also quickly manufacture bombs with radioactive materials, which they can use to strike Russian targets. As you know full well, there are radioactive waste repositories in Ukraine. They can easily and quickly load this nuclear waste into bombs and strike targets in Russia.

"This is why the first step that the Russian armed forces took in their special operation in Ukraine was taking complete control of the Chernobyl powerplant, as well as the repositories where nuclear and radioactive waste is stored in Ukraine.


"All the weapons of mass destruction that the West has provided to Ukraine must be neutralized and removed. [The Ukrainians] were provided with those weapons in order to kill the Russians and the people of Donbas."


Interviewer: "What do you mean by 'neutralization?' What is the final objective of this Russian operation?

Borisenko: "Ukraine [should be] ruled by the Ukrainian people. The Ukrainian people can determine their future. The existence of a regime that is subservient to the Americans and NATO is not in the best interest of the Ukrainian people. So these neo-Nazis, who burn alive those who oppose them, are the ones who are escalating the situation. They support Hitler. They are neo-Nazis. They are the ones who killed the Russians and the Poles in WWII.

"So the heroes now are the Ukrainian people, who celebrate and welcome the arrival of the Russian army for neutralizing this oppressive regime. Ukraine is at a historical turning point. The Ukrainian people are getting rid of this Nazi regime. Thus, the choice is not in Russia's hands. The choice is in the hands of the Ukrainian people. The regime that rules them is immensely subservient to the Americans and to NATO."


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