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Dec 29, 2022
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Cartoons By The Russian Wagner Group Show Its Forces Assisting Locals Fight French Forces – Symbolized By Rats, Snakes, And Zombies – In Mali, Ivory Coast

#10074 |
Source: Online Platforms - "Various YouTube accounts"

Cartoons that were posted on YouTube show the Russian Wagner PMC group forces assisting local forces in Africa fight "colonialist" French forces. A cartoon posted on the Новости ZOV YouTube account on December 29, 2022, shows a rat wearing a shirt with black and white stripes and a French flag entering a man's house, eating his food, and eventually growing larger and more vicious and telling the man: "This is my house now. Get lost!" As the rat eats the man's food, a voice on the radio says in French: "This is the rat... He is your friend. He came to help you... You need him. Rats never steal. On the contrary, they do a lot of good... Colonialism is over." The man then sees an ad in the paper for Wagner PMC and makes a phone call and then a man in military fatigues arrives and kills the rat with a sledgehammer with the letter "W" emblazoned on it. In the final scene, both men are seen with two other women roasting the rat over a campfire. The second cartoon, posted on the Соловьев Live Stream YouTube account on January 15, 2023, depicts the French president insisting that France will conquer all of Africa. It shows Wanger PMC mercenaries fighting alongside African soldiers against French forces in Mali and Ivory Coast. The French forces are symbolized by a huge cobra and an army of zombies.

Radio broadcast: "This is the rat. He is your friend. He came to help you. You can't do anything without him. You need him. Rats never steal. On the contrary, they do a lot of good... Colonialism is over..."

Rat: "This is my house now. Get lost!"


Macron: "France will conquer all of Africa."

Zombies: "The assembly wants Macron. Now this is our country."

Malian soldier: "There are too many of them! I'm running out of ammo!"

Wagner mercenary: "Do you need support, my friend?"

Malian soldier: "Thank you."

Wagner mercenary: "I was happy to help, my friend."

Macron: "Let's see what you will do now!"

Snake: "You will never be able to win, because we will conquer all of Africa."

Burkinabé soldier: "Let's see about that. This is my country!"

Wagner mercenary: "Good work."

Burkinabé soldier: "Thank you, my friends. I heard that Ivory Coast also needs help."

Macron: "No, no, no! Ivory Coast belongs to France!"


Ivorian soldier: "Down with imperialism! Down with France!"

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