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Apr 04, 2017
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Russia Today TV Host and Middle East Expert: U.S. Leaders Who Demand Action against Russian Media Need Psychiatric Evaluation

#5977 | 04:39
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

Russian Middle East expert Konstantin Truevtsev said that a proposed bill by U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen against Russian English-language media requires evaluation "by either an ophthalmologist or a psychiatrist." Speaking on Russia Today, Truevtsev and the show host Salam Musafir cracked jokes about President Bush and President Obama, "who was no smarter than Bush." Musafir said that the show had considered hosting psychiatrists but they all said that this condition was incurable. The show aired on April 5.


TV Host Salam Musafir: The United States, which wants to teach democracy to the world, and which, for many decades, has been exporting this democracy in the form of missiles, tanks, nuclear bombs, chemical weapons, and the genocide of nations, is now talking about freedom of the press, as if the media anywhere that is not the U.S. is distorting the facts. The funny thing is that the people talking about these things are either afflicted with chronic anxiety or else lack information. One U.S. senator has been talking for two years about the harmful influence of Russia Today TV - an influence she even compared to that of Nazism.




Yesterday, that senator, Jeanne Shaheen, said that she is contemplating submitting a bill, a bill that will consider the activity of the English-speaking Russian media to be similar to Nazi activity.




We considered hosting psychiatrists in order to analyze the personality of those American members of Congress, and of [people] in the American establishment in general, who suffer from the disease of Russia-anxiety, but they all said that this condition is incurable.




Konstantin Truevtsev: This is really peculiar. This is an actual medical condition, which requires treatment by either an ophthalmologist or a psychiatrist. I do not think there is any another option.




I do believe that this is a psychiatric case. It happens. I believe that the scope of mental illness in America is very big, and that it constitutes a national threat to the United States. I watched a 40-minute discussion on CNN on whether or not President Trump is a Russian spy.




Salam Musafir: Former President Bush suffered from an infection, and the doctor prescribed some antibiotics for him, instructing him to take a pill every six hours. President Bush did not follow the doctor's orders, and took a pill every three hours.  When they asked him why, he said that he wanted to surprise the viruses. Obviously this is a joke, but it reflects his thought process, which was very limited. He was the president most famous for his stupidity. He didn't even know names of countries and their capitals.


Konstantin Truevtsev: Right.


Salam Musafir: That was Mr. Bush. But we were surprised that Obama, the lawyer and human rights activist, was no smarter than Bush.


Konstantin Truevtsev: Right. As long as we are telling jokes, you should know that during the meeting between Russia's Foreign Minister and Kerry, they had to take a 5-hour break, so that Kerry would try to explain to Obama where Syria is located on the world's map. By the way, I don't think that this is a joke. I believe that there is some truth to it.



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