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Oct 07, 2013
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Riyadh Woman Drives Car as Part of Online Campaign to Permit Saudi Women to Drive

#4010 | 02:09
Source: The Internet

Following are excerpts from a video-clip posted on the Internet on October 7, 2013, featuring a woman driving her car in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Title: "When we set out in eastern Riyadh…"



Woman: I'm driving my car on a street near my home, and I see people looking at me without any disapproval. It is as if we [women] have been driving for a long time.



I cannot understand why people accuse young men of acting like animals – as if we are living in a jungle, and as if going out by ourselves means that we are fair game. This is absolutely not true.



This is not the first time that I am driving, and I will continue to do so. Usually I drive when I have things to do, such as taking my daughter to school, which is in the neighborhood I live in. I have often driven to my daughter's school to take her home, and although there are many people there, nobody has reprimanded me for driving.



Title: "On the way back, when the ride is over"



Woman: Here I am. Soon I will take exit no. 9, which is a major route with many cars. I do not sense any awkwardness or disapproval. Everybody minds their own business.



Moreover, I am better protected when driving, and I prefer it to walking. When I walk, I face harassment, such as people honking their horns at me, but when I drive, there is no trouble at all.



We [women] are waiting to be allowed to drive, and Allah willing, we will not have to wait for long.





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