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Feb 18, 2021
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British Muslim Activist Reuben Lawrence On Chinese TV: Biden Take Note, China Will Stop Its Muslim Extremism Problem; U.S. Removal Of Uyghur ETIM From Terror List An Attempt To Block China's Growing Power

#8702 | 02:39
Source: CGTN Network (China)

Reuben Lawrence, a British "Muslim activist" said that the Uighur East Turkistan Islamic Movement is "China's Al-Qaeda, and all means of deradicalization are used to defeat them." He made these remarks in a video posted by China's official broadcaster, CGTN, titled: "China's 'Muslim Question'", on February 18, 2021. Lawrence suggested that the ETIM was removed from the American list of terrorist designated organizations in face of China's increasing growth. He asked whether spreading fake news about China, Huawei, and its Muslims are the way to stop China's growing power. Lawrence said that President Biden must take note, because China will stop its [Islamic] extremism problem and it will no longer allow any foreign country to interfere in its affairs.

Reuben Lawrence: "Remember 9/11? Remember the terrorists killing innocent people in the United States, Britain, France, Germany. Remember these countries then fighting these terrorist organizations, ISIS, Al Qaeda, the war on terror? There's one country in particular at war with these same terrorist organizations. A country that has more Muslims than the entire population of the EU. A country where one province has more mosques than the entirety of the United States. That country is China. Yes, China. The one you see them attacking in the news over coronavirus, Hong Kong, Tibet, Taiwan, Huawei.

"Lately, China has been defamed over the Muslim Uyghurs. You see, there's this group, the East Turkistan Islamic Movement [ETIM]. For decades, the United States has designated it a terrorist organization because they've been found fighting everywhere from Afghanistan to Syria to Libya. The East Turkmenistan Islamic Movement is China's Al-Qaeda and all means of deradicalization is being used to defeat them. This East Turkmenistan Islamic Movement, though still involved in terrorism, has now been removed by the U.S. from the designated terrorist organization list. And others, like Twitter, and even the British Foreign Office, have taken up the ETIM cause: 'War is peace and, peace is war.' Yes, the authors of the WMD hoax are at it again. But why? Weren't we all supposed to be fighting against Al Qaeda and ISIS? Is it to do with weakening China? Is it to stop its economic rise? Is spreading fake news about China, Huawei, and its Muslims and the rest the way to stop China's growing power? You decide. Muslims from Palestine to Kashmir to Iran will surely wonder about that. But China will solve its extremism problems. And China will not allow any foreign country to interfere in her domestic affairs any longer. President Biden, take note."

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