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Feb 28, 2017
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Retired Egyptian Intelligence Officer Gen. Nagy Shahoud Reveals Scheme: Jewish Women Marry Bedouin Men; in 2100, Sinai will be Jewish

#5932 | 01:57
Source: LTC TV (Egypt)

Retired Egyptian General Nagy Shaoud, former deputy director of Egypt's military intelligence, warned that Jewish women marry Bedouin boys as part of a scheme to change the character of the Sinai. General Shahoud said that if this phenomenon continues, the Sinai will be Jewish by 2100. In a February 28 interview with the Egyptian LTC TV, he said that he had encountered eight such cases of intermarriage.


Nagy Shaoud: "At one point - I won't tell you where and when - I had eight Bedouin men who married eight Jewish women. The problem was that I found out that seven of the eight were pregnant. Since when do Jewish women get pregnant so fast? Societies classify Jewish women as 'barren,' not as 'fertile.' Since when do Jewish women get pregnant after the first encounter? Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I began to wonder what would happen in 100 years. In Israel, the child belongs to the mother. In 100 years, four or five generations will have been born. Those eight (Jewish) children about to be born will raise families. In 100 years, these families will be Jewish and will own the land. Thus, Egypt will be ripped from us very simply. 100 years from now - in 2100 - there will be no Egyptians left in the Sinai. They will all be Jews, because their religion is determined according to their mother. What a catastrophe!"



Host: "That's a theory..."



Nagy Shaoud: "It's a certainty!






"I predict this. So I say: Beware, oh Bedouin boys, of marrying Jewish girls. It's not you who is having the last laugh. Oh, no. I say this knowing full well that I might be getting myself into trouble. But as I told you at the beginning, what I have here in my head is not mine. My role is to pass on to the Egyptians what I have in my head before I'm gone."


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