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Mar 07, 2023
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Chinese Video Showcases Armed Police All-Female Special Forces Battalion In The Falcon Anti-Terror Commando Unit

#10302 | 03:40
Source: Online Platforms - "Military Enthusiasts World on YouTube"

On March 7, 2023, the Military Enthusiasts World YouTube channel posted a video titled "A Glimpse into the Mysterious All-Female Special Operations Brigade of the Falcon Commando Unit in the Chinese Armed Police." The video was produced by China Central Television's Military channel, and it features interviews with members of the all-female brigade of the Chinese Armed Police's "Falcon" anti-terror commando unit. The women speak about the difficulty of the unit's training and about their dedication to the unit and to the country. The video also features footage of female operators performing close-quarters combat drills, shooting exercises, and physical fitness exercises.

Speaker: "We are the feathers of the falcon because we are special."

Soldier 1: "Special warfare is actually really taxing."

Soldier 2: "There are no limits to suffering, only more suffering. No limits to exhaustion, only more exhaustion."

Soldier 3: "Young people are not afraid of hard work, because they haven't experienced enough. They just charge forward."

Onscreen text: "The Armed Police Falcon Commando has a Female Special Operations Brigade. They are responsible for various anti-terrorism and combat tasks year-round, such as anti-hijacking and anti-bombing."

Soldier 4: "When I first arrived, I bought myself a specific vest. It was a sandbag, weighing 10 jin. I wore it all the time, except when sleeping. After intensive training from May to the end of August, my entire back grew nearly 3 centimeters thicker. At that time, we were usually wearing short-sleeved shirts for training in the summer. My back looked particularly ugly. My feeling back then was that it's never enough to make up for it during the training, even if all 24 hours are used for it."  

Soldier 2: "How can I describe this place? I think it's home. I used to joke with my mother, saying, 'Don't think I left home just to be a soldier. You should think I'm getting married to this place.'"

Soldier 4: "Every child was a treasure in the family before enlisting in the military. In fact, they were all raised as little princes or princesses. But once we put on this special warfare uniform, it is different even from ordinary military uniforms."

Onscreen text: 'The so-called 'fire phoenix' on the anti-terrorism battlefield, day after day of hard training, is not only a goal, but also a responsibility."

Soldier 4: "Is there a difference between men and women? There are essential differences. However, as a soldier, there is no difference. On any occasion, any place, as long as the order is received, we will play our due role."

Soldier 5: "We are no less than those male soldiers. There is no distinction between men and women on the battlefield. I have always firmly held this belief. We can well utilize our own strengths. In terms of my field, I can win with my specialties. For example, the disassembling and assembling of guns, I might not be as good as my male colleagues in terms of strength and speed, but in technique and skills, I could perform faster than them."

Onscreen text: "It has nothing to do with either gender or age. In front of every task, we are all the same."

Soldier 4: "As a special forces member, a soldier, to be honest, there is no distinction between men and women, and there is no age distinction either. The enemy will not show mercy to you because you are young or elderly."

Soldier 2: "In my opinion, the best years of a human being are from age 18 to 28. Not everyone would choose to dedicate those 10 years to the country. However, when you are dedicated to the country, it feels worth it. As a soldier, I think the moment you put on your military uniform, you have already put your life and death aside, and you have given your life to the country."

Onscreen text: "The military uniform has melted into their bones and their blood, so it is almost impossible to separate them."

Soldier 4: "To me, the meaning of the military uniform is that my original thought has not changed. The military uniform is like my skin. If you try it off me, it would be extremely painful."

Onscreen text: "As a32-year-old senior female special force soldier, she expresses it this way..."

Soldier 4: "The sentiment is the same as if it grew on me. Even now, I don't contemplate whether I will ever take it off. The decision to wear this military uniform isn't determined by my desire, but by whether I still deserve to wear it.'

Onscreen text: "Regardless of training or competition, they are all worthy of wearing this uniform.

Soldier 5: "During this slow transformation process, I may have worked slightly harder than others, held myself to a higher standard. All our current efforts are preparations for accomplishing the next task when it arrives."

Soldier 4: "When the day of the task comes, it will be time to apply what we've practiced. Psychologically, there won't be many ups and downs. Since the task has fallen on me, I'll simply go for it and complete it. There is only one goal, and that is to accomplish it."

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