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Jan 07, 2023
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Recently Released Israeli-Arab Terrorist Karim Yunis: We Do Not Recognize The Green Line; Palestine In Its Entirety Is Ours, Including Mount Carmel, The Negev, And Coastal Plain

#10044 | 00:52
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Recently released Israeli Arab terrorist Karim Yunis, who is also a member Fatah’s Central Committee, told Palestine TV on January 7, 2023 that the Palestinians do not recognize the Green Line and that Palestine belongs to them in its entirety. He also said that the Israelis want to tear Palestinians apart but will fail. Yunis was released from Israeli prison on January 4, 2023 after serving 40 years for murdering of Israeli soldier Avraham Bromberg in 1980.

Karim Yunis: "We do not recognize the Green Line or the 1949 Armistice Line, because we are one people. They wanted to tear us apart, but they will never succeed.


"We are marching on and we will seize our rights. I say once again: Palestine in its entirety is ours. Palestine in its entirety is ours: Mount Carmel is ours, the Jezreel Valley is ours, the Coastal Plain is ours, the Negev is ours, the Galilee is ours, and the Triangle region is ours as well."


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