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Aug 25, 2021
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Palestinian Activist And Singer Ramze Alokk Brandishes A Sword At A Khan Yunis Border Protest, Declares: We Sharpen Our Sword So It Will Cut Swiftly, We Do Not Wish To Torture Anyone We Slaughter – Humans Or Livestock

#9062 | 02:20
Source: Al-Quds Al-Youm TV (Palestine - Islamic Jihad)

Palestinian activist and singer Ramze Alokk (sometimes spelled Ramzi Al-Ak) said that the Palestinians do not sheathe their sword after the battle is over, but that they sharpen it for the future. He made his remarks at a Khan Yunis border protest that was broadcast on Al-Quds Today TV (Islamic Jihad – Gaza) on August 25, 2021. Alokk explained that the sword of the Palestinians has been drawn since the occupation entered their lands, and they keep it sharp because they do not want to torture anyone they slaughter, human beings or livestock. He said that "livestock are better than the occupation." Alokk led the crowd with the chant: "We respond to your call, oh Al-Aqsa!" Ramze Alokk was sentenced by Israeli authorities to 30 years in prison for his involvement in attempted bombings and in sniper attacks in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo, but was released in the 2011 Shalit Deal and banished to Gaza. For more about Alokk, see MEMRITV clip no. 8896.

Ramze Alokk: "Here, there are men who prepare, day and night. The sword of Jerusalem will never be sheathed. Who told you that the sword of Jerusalem will be sheathed when the battle is over? Never! We have taken the sword out of its sheath...

"From the day the occupation entered our lands, the sword has been drawn. After every battle, we sharpen the sword. Today, we are sharpening the sword of Jerusalem for the next battle, so it will be sharp and cut swiftly, because we do not like to torture anyone we slaughter — whether they are human beings or livestock. But, by Allah, livestock are better than the occupation.

"To the people of Jerusalem we say: We respond to your call, oh Al-Aqsa! We want to hear you call chanting it. The eyes of the people of Jerusalem are set on Gaza — but not just the people of Jerusalem. The entire world is looking at you, oh good people. The entire world is looking at the Palestinian stage, looking at Gaza, waiting to see what happens.

"Let's chant and cry out together, and let our people in Jerusalem hear it. They are listening to us, along with the people of the West Bank, the [1948] Palestinians, and the Palestinian diaspora. From here, we salute the people of Jabal Sabih. We are with you and victory is near, Allah willing. Let's say together: We respond to your call, oh Al-Aqsa!"

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