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Jan 06, 2017
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Ramallah Friday Sermon by Abbas's Advisor Mahmoud Al-Habbash: Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem Will be a Declaration of War against All Muslims

#5836 | 04:25
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

In a January 6 Friday sermon, PA Chief Islamic Justice Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Habbash said that if the new U.S. administration carries out Trump's plan to relocate the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, it would be "a declaration of war against all Muslims." Al-Habbash, who serves as advisor to PA President Mahmoud Abbas on religious and Islamic affairs, called it "a level of political recklessness that is unheard of and said that the entire world would be in danger if America takes this step, which would "open the gates of Hellfire upon everybody." The sermon, delivered in Ramallah, was attended by top PA officials, including Abbas, and was posted on the YouTube account of the PA's Chief Islamic Justice office.


Mahmoud Al-Habbash: "My brothers, the believers, we have heard something about our Jerusalem, our capital, the capital of the hearts, the capital of the minds, the capital of sentiments, the capital of politics, the capital of our homeland, and the capital of our existence. We have heard something that we hope is not true - that the new US administration has made up its mind to move its embassy to Jerusalem. Simply, calmly, and logically put - and in clear words that are not open to interpretation or confusion - we say that such a step, as far as all Muslims are concerned, will constitute a declaration of war against all Muslims. This will be a declaration of war against all Muslims.


"We are not, and do not wish to be, in a state of hostility with anyone. We have no mutual hostility with the US, and we don't want such hostility. But when it comes to our faith and our existence, we cannot just stand idly by. We will not accept this, under any circumstances. This will never just pass quietly. The Islamic world in its entirety will not accept that, and neither will the entire Christian world. Occupied Jerusalem is our eternal capital. It is the capital of our existence and of our state. In politics, there may be compromise. Indeed, compromise is acceptable in politics. In politics, negotiations are acceptable, but religion, faiths, and moral values, and history do not accept compromise. Therefore, Jerusalem must not be subject to any compromise or settlement.




"We hope that what we have heard is not true, because if it is true, anything might collapse. Anything might collapse, if Jerusalem is infringed upon.




"This might leave the gates wide open to scenarios desirable to none. Desirable to none! Obviously, we are not making threats, but we are ringing the warning bells. Do not open the gates of Hellfire upon everybody.




"Peace will be in danger if America, or anyone else, takes this step. Peace in its entirety will be in danger. The region - nay, the world - will be in danger. We hope that the world will not face any danger. We hope that peace will not face any danger. We are a nation that believes in peace.




"We call upon every reasonable person in the world to be warned and to warn others against such a step. This step reaches a level of political recklessness that is unheard of."

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