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Oct 21, 2005
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Ramadan 2005 TV Shows - Al-Shatat: Global Jewish Government Convenes to Celebrate WWII

#897 | 02:57
Source: Al-Mamnou' (Jordan)

The following is a scene from the Syrian-produced TV series Al-Shatat. Al-Shatat was first aired on Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV during the month of Ramadan 2003, and then on two Iranian channels during Ramadan 2004. Al-Mamnou' TV, a new Jordanian channel, is airing Al-Shatat during Ramadan 2005.

In this scene, the global Jewish government convenes to celebrate WWII.

Chairman: First, let's raise a toast to celebrate the killing of one million pagans so far in the war declared by Hitler on the world.

Participant: May I say something?

Chairman: Go ahead.

Participant: In my opinion, before we toast the killing of the pagans in general, and of Christians in particular, we must take a moment to think about our German Jewish brethren who now suffer hardship and disasters of a scope known only to God.

Chairman: We've discussed this issue so much it's become tedious. Nevertheless, I will talk about it again, so as to clarify a most important point. The German Jews do not suffer hardship and disasters in the traditional sense. Absolutely not. The German Jews are fighting in their own special way for the sake of their people's glory, and to accomplish the Jews' most supreme goal: the revenge of Yahweh and the Jewish victory.

Participant: Your words are clearly well spoken and wise, doctor. But to be honest, I didn’t understand a word.

Chairman:That's because you're looking at this vast world through the eye of a needle. In fact, we initiated the second world war, the great events of which we are now experiencing, in the hall of Versailles – I mean the hall in which the peace treaty was signed at the end of the first world war. Our goal, when we intervened in these agreements, was to prepare the ground for this war, which we all hope will not end before the Jews achieve a complete victory. After all, such a war is worth a few victims, don't you think?

Participant: You call this a few!?

Chairman: Come now, let’s not argue about the figure. Even if it is high – which I doubt – this will benefit us in the future. Before you even ask, I will tell you how. First, it will increase the fear in the hearts of the Jews, and encourage them to emigrate to the Promised Land.

Second, we will exploit their persecution by Hitler in order to blackmail the world for decades to come, or even for centuries.

Third, and most important, the higher the number of Jews killed in this war, the more we will be able to convince the world that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is merely a lie invented by the Christian world to increase hatred for the Jews.

Once public opinion has been convinced that this book is merely a lie, we will launch a secret and quiet offensive that will prove this book to be true. Thus, the whole world will fear us deeply, and will be defeated by us without a war.

Now, let's raise a toast to celebrate this great war.

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