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Dec 16, 2017
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Fatah Official Jibril Rajoub Slams President Trump at ANC Conference in South Africa, Calls for BDS Measures against Israel

#6339 | 02:42
Source: The Internet

Speaking at the ANC Conference in South Africa on December 16, Fatah Central Committee member Jibril Rajoub called to ban "products of the illegal occupiers" from international markets and welcomed the ANC's decision to downgrade South African diplomatic representation in Israel. Comparing Trump to Balfour, he asked: "Who is Mr. Trump to determine the status of Jerusalem?" His address was posted on YouTube.


Jibril Rajoub: Dear comrades, I am bringing you a message from Al-Quds - Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Palestine. As you know, a few days ago, Mr. Trump, the U.S. president, decided to recognize it as the capital of the State of Israel. Here I ask: Who is Mr. Trump to determine the status of Jerusalem? How could he be led by the nose, by the racist and fascist government of the State of Israel? Just as 100 years ago, a British colonialist called James Balfour decided to give Palestine - a country that was not his - to a movement that did not belong to our land, today, [Trump] decided to give Jerusalem to Israel. No, Mr. Trump, Jerusalem is not yours to give to anyone. Jerusalem is ours. Jerusalem is sacred.




Dear brothers and sisters, you know that we are not alone in our struggle against this hegemonic and colonial domination. The same struggle was shared with many resilient nations that challenged slavery and oppression. From the victorious lands of Vietnam, to Cuba and South Africa, through all of Africa and Latin America -

you all reminded us that we were not alone, as we all stood together against colonialism.




It's high time for products of the illegal occupiers to be banned from international markets, and for principled organizations and people to divest from those profiting from occupation, colonialization, and Apartheid.




Dear comrades, allow me here to seize the opportunity to welcome the recommendation of the National Policy Conference of the ANC on downgrading South Africa's representation to Israel. We hope that also the same here will be.




Our Palestinian people and leadership will highly appreciate any further adoption of sanctions and policies against Israel and against the occupation.



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