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Dec 23, 2004
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Rafsanjani in a Tehran University Friday Sermon: The American Neo-Conservatives Are Abusing the Spirit of Christ,Whose Real Essence Is in Islam

#441 | 01:24
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

The following are excerpts from a Friday sermon at Tehran University. The preacher is Ali-Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani, head of the Iranian Expediency council:

Rafsanjani: Regarding what is going on is the Christian World, one must distinguish between most of the people, who are deprived of rights, oppressed, the people of the Third World, and another part of the people – such as the Americans. The American Neo-Conservatives, who are, in fact, the Zionists of our time, are now in control, and they are abusing the spirit of Christ. We expect that the scholars and leading men of the Christian World will not allow the exalted spirit [of Christ] to be contaminated by the sinister goals of these greedy, colonialist people. They must act in order to appease the spirit of Christ. We, too, are willing to cooperate for the sake of the justice of Christ, whose pure essence is in Islam.

Crowd: Death to America! Death to America! Death to America!

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