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Nov 16, 2018
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Imam Hussein Abu Ayada, Rafah Friday Sermon: "Tie Me to A Missile and Fire It at Tel Aviv"

#6849 | 01:07
Source: Online Platforms - "Jihad Al-Sharif on Facebook"

On November 16, 2018, Sheikh Hussein Abu Ayada, head of the Tribes and Reconciliation Department at Hamas Ministry of Interior, delivered a Friday sermon in Rafah, dressed in military fatigues. Addressing Hamas and Islamic Jihad military wings, Sheikh Abu Ayada shouted: “Tie me to a missile and fire it at Tel Aviv… Enough with the humiliation.” Abu Ayada also criticized the Gulf states, claiming that they oppose the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation and “support the Jews in the destruction of Gaza.” The sermon was filmed by Haidara Al-Sharif and excerpts from it were posted by Jihad Al-Sharif on his Facebook page. Audio and video effects of fire and missile were included in the original.


Hussein Abu Ayada: Oh Al-Qassam Brigades, Oh Al-Quds Brigades, tie me to a missile and fire it at Tel Aviv. I am ready. Tie me to a missile. Enough with the humiliation and the disgrace!


The Jews got used to being able to go to the UAE and kill Al-Mabhouh, to go to Tunisia and kill Al-Zawari, to go anywhere they want…  But when they came to the town of Bani Suheila, they left in body bags! When they came to the town of Abasan, they left in body bags!




Our “brother”, the Gulf emirs oppose the Fatah-Hamas] reconciliation. They support the Jews in the destruction of Gaza. They do not want people in Gaza to memorize the Quran. They want them [to be addicted] to hashish and opioids.




We have a score to settle with the Jews. The Prophet Muhammad promised victory for us.

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