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Jan 09, 2014
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Queens, N.Y. Friday Sermon by Sheikh Abu Abdillah Ismaeel: If We Accept Gays, Why Not Accept Drug Dealers, Serial Killers, or Terrorists? (Archival)

#6445 | 05:04
Source: The Internet - "Masjid Ahlul Quran Wa Sunnah on YouTube"

In 2014, Sheikh Abu Abdillah Ismaeel delivered a Friday sermon in Queens, N.Y., in which he said that "Satan slowly but surely is getting at the Muslims, trying to get our religion to change... - either to become extreme bloodthirsty murderers... or to become fags." Ismaeel said: "As far as I am concerned, it's not politically incorrect, it doesn't go against any constitutional laws to call them a fag, a homosexual, a lowlife, a savage." During the sermon, delivered at the Masjid Ahlul Quran Wa Sunnah and posted on the mosque's YouTube channel on January 9, 2014, he said that people were misconstruing a Quranic verse or a Hadith "to justify homosexuality, to justify terrorism, to justify murder, to justify stealing or violating people's property." Sheikh Ismaeel also criticized the practice of a gay imam of hugging a female member of his congregation and of calling on Muslim women - "in a T-shirt and a pair of tight jeans and no khimar" - to come up to pray in the front row.


Following is a transcript:

Abu Abdillah Ismaeel: An imam, a gay imam, a fag, a homosexual – these words are all synonymous, as far as I am concerned. I don’t need this politically correct… How? How? When this country was established, they weren’t okay. Homosexuality wasn’t okay. So as far as I am concerned, it is not politically incorrect, it doesn’t go against any constitutional laws, to call them a fag, a homosexual, a lowlife, a savage. This is what they were then. This is what they were back in the time of Lot, and this is what they will always be. Like it who likes it. Dislike it who dislikes it. Freedom of speech… We don’t call to attack them – gay-bashing or any of those things. That is the responsibility of the rulers, of the governments around the world. If they don’t do anything, we leave the affair to Allah, and we seek refuge in Allah from that. Other than that, it is not for any of us to try to take matters into their own hands. So I’m just letting the brothers know in advance in case anyone gets the wrong idea.


There’s no way possible you can enjoy a woman, and then say, you know what: [Let’s] see what a dude is like. It’s impossible. It’s a lie. I don’t believe it, I don’t care what science… nothing… Nobody can prove to me that for a human being this is a natural desire. It is a lie!


What about the people who want to use heroin and sell heroin? Why can’t they sell heroin – because you said it is wrong? They believe that if two people want to sit in the alleyway, and use heroin, and get high – that it is okay, that they should let them do it. That is what they do.

A serial killer – he says he thinks that this is a good thing, that he’s purifying the earth. Serial killers – that’s what they say. You sit a serial killer down – you’d think he is the sanest person in the world, until you start asking him why he killed people. Then he will start justifying it: He was cleansing the earth of impurity, and he will bring a verse from the Bible explaining to you why it should be done.

You sit the Kharijites down and ask them: Why are you terrorizing people? Why do you kill people – innocent people? What are you running around blowing people up for? They will try to take something from the Quran and justify it. But we all agree that all of that is wrong.


So when somebody tries to take a Quranic verse and misconstrue it, to take a hadith and misconstrue it, to justify homosexuality, to justify terrorism, to justify murder, to justify stealing or violating people’s property, you are able to go back to the Salaf and see how they understood the verse.


Do you see what Satan is trying to do? Slowly but surely, he is coming at the Muslims, and he has been coming for a long time, trying to get our religion to change, to modify – either to become extreme bloodthirsty murderers, like the Kharijites and terrorists, or to become fags, like these individuals. If it ain’t one thing, it’s another.

Last time, I saw a woman lead the prayers on YouTube. A woman leading the prayers… Men standing behind her… She is leading men. What idiots are these standing behind this woman? Standing behind a woman, and she can’t even recite the Fatiha properly… And it’s a woman leading the prayers, and she wasn’t covered properly, and, and, and, and, and…


Why is this gay imam sitting there… A Muslim woman walks in the room, and he says: “Come here, sister, come here and give me a hug”. Give the Muslim woman a hug. Her husband is probably there – some chump, a soft dude – standing there, letting a man touch his wife. Touch his wife… Hug his wife… Some of us get offended if our wife walks by some brothers, and they say: Assalaam alaykum. “What are you doing? Shhhh, don’t say nothing. Go into the mosque. Don’t say nothing to nobody.” This guy is sitting there, letting a man hug his wife.

Then, after that, he went to lead the prayer. This is the truth. I can’t make this stuff up – and I’m a good storyteller – but I can’t make nothing like this up. He went to lead the prayers, and he said: “Come here, c’mon, we’ve got to get a sister up here in the first row”. That’s what he said: “We’ve got to get a sister up in the first row”. And a Muslim – whatever, I don’t know, I am assuming she is a Muslim woman – walked up and stood in the row with a T-shirt and a pair of tight jeans, or something. No khimar... She didn’t even have on a khimar. I’m not saying that if she prayed in a khimar and jeans or a T-shirt, everything is cool.


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