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Aug 11, 2023
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Qatari Minister Of State Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Al-Khulaifi: Qatar Played A Major Role In Facilitating Deal Between Iran And U.S.; We Hope This Will Lead To Return To The Nuclear Deal

#10427 | 01:50
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Qatari Minister of State Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Al-Khulaifi discussed the recent deal between Iran and the United States in an August 11, 2023 phone interview with Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar. He said that Qatar played a major and essential role in facilitating the dialogue between the two countries that culminated in a prisoner release deal and establishing a banking channel for Iranian funds. Al-Khulaifi said that Qatar hopes for rapprochement between the two countries and a return to the nuclear deal.

Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Al-Khulaifi: "Qatar has played a major and essential role in facilitating the negotiations and dialogue between the American and Iranian sides, about the release of several prisoners, and establishing a banking channel that would deal with some issues, in keeping with the conditions agreed upon by the two sides."

Interviewer: "Can we say that this agreement will lead to rapprochement regarding the nuclear deal?"

Al-Khulaifi: "Honestly, this is what we hope for. Qatar hopes that this agreement will lead to more comprehensive understandings, which will include, in particular, the return to the nuclear deal. Qatar emphasized that the return to the nuclear deal is an imperative necessity in our region.

"It should also be noted here that this agreement was preceded by intensive visits of Qatari officials to Washington and Tehran, in order to deliver the messages, get the two sides closer, and present positive initiatives to bring about this agreement. The agreement was achieved, even if it is partial, and deals with he issue [of the prisoners in particular, reflects the parties' trust in Qatar, as a neutral mediator, and a reliable partner in the peaceful resolution of international conflicts. I believe that further details about this agreement  will be revealed to us in the coming days."

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