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Oct 14, 2020
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Sec-Gen. Of International Union Of Muslim Scholars Ali Qaradaghi: Macron Has A Crusader Ideology, Still Lives In The Middle Ages; The West Is In Moral Crisis

#8369 | 02:11
Source: Dorar TV (Sudan)

Islamic scholar Ali Qaradaghi, the Secretary-General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, said in an October 14, 2020 interview on Dorar TV (Sudan) that French President Emmanuel Macros has a "Crusader ideology" and is a member of the far right. Claiming that the West is going through a moral crisis, he also said that the West wants to get rid of its elderly people, and that it would have not done anything about coronavirus if these were the only people that it affected. Qaradaghi is originally from Iraq, and he is currently based in Qatar.

Ali Qaradaghi: "The West is going through a moral crisis. Even in the case of the coronavirus, the selfishness of the West has been evident, in addition to the immorality of capitalism. None of them helped Italy. Turkey and Qatar helped Italy, but America and other countries [did not]. Therefore, Italy had great difficulty in getting out of [this crisis].

"The immorality of capitalism was evident in the way the coronavirus crisis was dealt with. They wanted to get rid of all the elderly. This is why they abandoned them at first. They left them to their own devices. That was their approach. Had the coronavirus not started killing younger people, they would have let the coronavirus do whatever it wants, perhaps.

"Someone who lives in keeping with such moral values must not be listened to when he claims that Islam is in crisis. This is why we answered [Macron] powerfully. We said: Mr. President, you live according to an ancient Crusader ideology. You still live in the Middle Ages. The crusader wars started in France, by the way.


"Presidents like Macron and others harbor deep hatred [towards Islam]. It is a natural thing for them. In addition, they try to gain the votes of the extreme right. The extreme right in France and other countries is on the rise. Their size is growing significantly. [Macron] himself is right wing. We thought he belonged to the moderate right, but it turns out he belongs to the extreme right."

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