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May 26, 2024
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Qatari Children's Magazine 'Jassim' Responds To MEMRI Report: Qatar Is A Sovereign Arab Country With A Free Press That Supports The Rights Of The Palestinian People

#11133 | 01:45
Source: Online Platforms - "Jassim Magazine on X"

On May 26, 2024, Qatari children's magazine Jassim uploaded a video to its X account in which it responded to a May 20, 2024 report by MEMRI on the magazine. According to the MEMRI report, the magazine, which is published by the state-sponsored Dar Al-Sharq Group, the magazine justifies terrorism and incites against Jews, the U.S., and Israel. The video claims that the magazine was subject to a "crude attack" by MEMRI, adding: "Qatar is a sovereign Arab country, with a free press that supports the rights of the deep-rooted Palestinian people."

Narration: "The stories of the Jassim children's magazine are hurting the Israeli occupation. The occupation – that has been cold-bloodedly murdering the childhood of Palestinians – was not ashamed to have its deceptive arms attack a Qatari children's magazine. The stories in the Jassim magazine – that is published by the Dar Al-Sharq Group – were subject to a crude attack by the Middle East Media Research Institute which is a Zionist media monitoring institute.

"MEMRI claimed in its report that these stories incite against Israel and espouse violence because of 'This Is My Nest,' a story that documents how the land of Palestine was plundered, and how its owners were oppressed.

"The Zionist report also highlighted a comic strip that was based on the inverted red triangle symbol that is associated with the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.

"Another story featured the map of Palestine from the River to the Sea.

"Apparently, Israel's failure and disgrace have made the Zionist institute's report blind to the fact that Qatar is a sovereign Arab country, with a free press that supports the right of the deep-rooted Palestinian people to its occupied land."

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